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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Simply put, women who excel at trigonometry and geometry are hot.
As well as history, geography, chemistry.......
Bina magazine, in a staggeringly misguided article last week, asked "are we teaching our girls too much".
The thought process informing that insane question is frightening.

Girls who can hold their own in serious classes are quite literally the best things on this planet. Far better they can do equations than dye their hair or paint their nails.

Female-children who have a hard time with real subjects will most likely take home ec and get tattoos in their late teens.
Perhaps coinciding with a premature pregnancy.

Frankly, when I think staggeringly hot teenager through thirty-something, automatically I think of a woman who can hold her own in an argument about mediaeval French, and make attrocious puns involving algebraic equations.

Sweetheat, whisper complicated scientific terms into my ear.
I'm melting.

I'll settle for someone who "gets" Abelard and Heloise, or giggles over the phrase "existential angst".

If she also thinks "V for Vendetta" was garbage, so much the better.

Shalom Beis is based on having a sparring partner.
Not on living with an idiot.
Despite what some verkrampte alte nudnikim might think.

Nothing is more desirable than a sweet young thing lithping complicated scientific terms......
And knowing EXACTLY what they mean.

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