Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Having forgotten to pack the pillbox, instead of afternoon tea and a yummy biscuit at the bakery, I hurried home. I am rigid about scheduling, and after tea or tea time it's time for the amlodipine besylate, so that the ensuing fleshy itch in the calves and general achy very mild but nonetheless unpleasant flu-like symptoms, starting an hour to an hour and a half after the pill and lasting roughly for four hours don't keep me from falling asleep at a reasonable time.
I used to take it at around seven thirty in the evening. You can probably well imagine what that did to my sleep patterns.

Getting over to the bus stop on Sacramento Street was, of course, a pain in the .... where the leg begins. Meaning actually that both calves felt that they were being slaughtered for veal piccata. A tasty Italian American dish that takes little time to prepare, and features tender meat with a lemon - butter - caper sauce. Mmm, delicious.

Chachanteng for lunch, added money to my transit card, did some shopping.
Smoked a bowl of C&D Steamworks in a shellbriar billiard.
Contemplated my inhumanity to man.

I'm okay with myself. I just don't like man.
Contact with my fellow man happens too often for comfort.
Even having many of them nearby is a pain in the .... where the leg begins.
Do you see any man in the picture above? Well? No, you don't. Reason being that the scale of things there means that they were drawn exceptionally small. Because they are quite insigificant and overlookable.

The drawing is rather unimaginatively named "lake dawn". Because it depicts a lake.
More or less at dawn.

At dawn I take three supplements plus a statin and two bloodpressure meds. Then I have coffee while reading what a rotten place the world is on the computer, after which I load a pipe and head out for a refreshing walk. Perhaps screaming at people or dancing naked.
Or perhaps not. This planet and its natives leave a lot to be desired. Even the ones walking their dogs or rat-like chihuahuas for defecatory purposes. Perhaps especially those people.

I have taken the calcium channel blocker. Water is on for tea.
Now comes lassitude coupled with discomfort.
And an increase of oxygen.

This too, is a pain where the leg begins.

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