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Remarkably, over a thousand people yesterday evening discovered a post I wrote fourteen years ago in which I took issue with New Zealanders and a damned Dutchman picking a fight with a Japanese fishing vessel in international waters, for self-righteous sanctimonious twat reasons. Issue taken also with the Australians. Who are objectionable simply on principle, because they talk funny, eat too much, and smell bad. That last because of sheep.
There are very many comments underneath that post.

It pleases me no end that people still occasionally read my witty repartee, opinions about cuisine, and my repulsed objections to what Australians and New Zealanders do to sheep. Although admittedly, fighting with Australians and New Zealanders in comment strings is easy, because it's often a battle of wits with unarmed people, and their command of spelling and grammar is that bad that half the time one can't make head or tails out of what they attempt to say. Even when they type instead of vocalize, they are often completely unintelligible and have rhetorical bad breath.

Pity the sheep and kangaroos don't have the vote down there.

I am immensely fond of sheep. Delicious, delicious animals.
No opinion about kangaroos. Probably taste like Vegemite.

Remarkably, I have no desire to ever visit Australia or New Zealand. Australia is filled with the ten most dangerous animals likely to kill you, people like Mad Max, and countless varietions on spaghett-o-Vegemite sandwiches and Pavlova, washed with bad chardonnay or Fosters, while New Zealand has pianos (shut up about the bloody piano) and hobbits, filthy nasty hobbitses, I hate them. Plus more Pavlova.

As I understand it, Pavlova is a giant marshmallow covered with whipped cream and canned fruits. American teenagers would probably like it. But those little deviants also eat junkfood and mac 'n cheese, plus bucket loads of fatty snacks and candy, so .....

Fosters is Australian beer.

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