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One of my friends is convinced that I spend too much time obsessing over Israel and Netanyahu, and has harshly called me to task, worried that I am somehow over the bend or lurking under the bridge.
He's Israeli, and might have a point.
On the other hand, maybe he just isn't paying attention very well, since ninety-nine point nine nine percent of my FB likes and comments were pursuant cute animal videos, Hello Kitty, black lives matter, and the usual shiznit to which people react.

Another one, recently de-friended, kept taking my comments elsewhere as an opportunity to disagree with things that other people said about Israel, in a contentious and aggressive fashion, as if responding to me (basically pissing in someone else's backyard), and 'friending' my FB friends expressly in order to do so. To such an extent that I was getting negative feedback from quite a number of people. His lack of nuance and subtlety proved a stumbling block of major proportion, and his passive-aggressive attempts to then turn disagreements which he had created or inflamed into opportunities for attempted humour (and surely we all knew he was just being witty?!?!) diminished any respect I once felt for him.

He likewise reacted badly to my Israel-related content.
His internet-stalker behaviour was all about Israel.

Apparently I was far too negative.
I probably had a screw loose.

If you've read my blog for a while, you may at this point be wondering what those two gentlemen were smoking.

As, indeed, am I.

Here's a comparative list of subjects/words mentioned on this blog, ranked by frequency, most first. A total of well over one hundred terms, all of which you have seen here before, or would expect to see here.
The sampling should be more than sufficient to establish that if I have any obsessions at all -- hard to imagine, I know -- Israel and Netanyahu are mentioned altogether too rarely to count.


Tea: 1800 times.
Smoking (tobacco): 1426 times.
Love (abstract, object, or emotional): 1357 times.
Dutch, The Netherlands, dikes, or tulips: 1071 times.
America: 995 times.
Pipe: 982 times.
Hot sauce, sambal, chili peppers: 902 times.
Tobacco: 732 times.
Chinese: 712 times.
Cigars: 692 times.
Rice: 640 times.
Eating: 630 times.
Egg, eggs: 618 times.
Right wing ('rightwing'): 614 times.
Sex: 602 times.
China: 584 times.
Sauce: 555 times.
Europe: 541 times.
Fish: 529 times.
Meat: 520 times.
Coffee: 512 times.
Israel: 511 times.
Skin: 509 times.
Restaurant: 505 times.
Cantonese: 473 times.
Chinatown: 458 times.
Delicious: 454 times.
France, French, Paris: 444 times.
Utterly: 382 times.
Pork: 361 times.
Jewish: 359 times.
Milk tea: 327 times.
Virginia (tobacco): 322 times.
Butter: 309 times.
Dimsum: 302 times.
Dog: 302 times.
Bathing: 295 times.
Savage Kitten: 288 times.
Christian: 282 times.
Apartment mate: 248 times.
Garlic: 246 times.
Breasts: 239 times.
Marin (place): 233 times.
Hong Kong: 227 times.
Noodles: 227 times.
Fragrance: 222 times.
Berkeley: 209 times.
Naked (or 'nekkid'): 208 times.
Tang (dynasty): 192 times.
Soy: 191 times.
Russia: 188 times.
Pervert: 182 times.
Pizza: 180 times.
Tofu: 179 times.
Chocolate: 177 times.
Indonesia: 177 times.
Whisky (whiskey): 166 times.
Duck: 162 times.
Curry: 158 times.
Hello Kitty: 153 times.
Badgers: 149 times.
Zesty: 148 times.
Dovbear: 143 times.
Oyster: 143 times.
Sri Racha, Sriracha: 133 times.
Amsterdam: 135 times.
Raccoon, raccoons: 135 times.
Beer: 233 times.
Degenerate: 133 times.
Briar (pipe): 132 times.
Japanese girl or girls: 126 times.
Panties: 124 times.
Vietnam: 122 times.
Gaza: 120 times.
Turkish tobacco: 120 times.
Weasels: 117 times.
Dried fish: 116 times.
Guilt: 115 times.
Cookies: 111 times.
Spam: 109 times.
Perique (tobacco): 107 times.
Mitzva(h): 105 times.
Porn: 105 times.
Beard: 103 times.
Pakistan: 103 times.
Vegetarian: 100 times.
Cats: 97 times.
Bananas: 96 times.
Palestine: 96 times.
Vegan: 96 times.
Jesus: 91 times.
Pottery, porcelain, and ceramics: 91 times.
Republican: 89 times.
Rashi: 87 times.
Turmeric: 79 times.
Nipple, nipples: 78 times.
Perversion: 78 times.
Anti-Semite: 77 times.
Herring: 76 times.
Dictionary (dictionaries): 71 times.
Jerusalem: 71 times.
Charsiu: 68 times.
Linguistic: 68 times.
Yeshiva: 66 times.
Parsha: 65 times.
Burley (tobacco): 64 times.
Gout: 62 times.
Congee (粥, jook): 60 times.
Malaysia: 58 times.
Brabant: 56 times.
South-East Asia 56 times.
Rambam: 54 times.
Sexy: 54 times.
Crows: 52 times.
Achar (pickle): 51 times.
Antwerp: 50 times.
Lesbian: 50 times.
Rotterdam: 50 times.
Eindhoven: 48 times.
Manga: 48 times.
Afghanistan: 47 times.
The Philippines: 47 times.
Gluten: 44 times.
Smut: 42 times.
Vladimir Nabokov: 42 times.
Erotic: 41 times.
Mayonnaise: 40 times.
Brassieres: 36 times.
Penis: 37 times.
Kittens: 33 times.
Naan (Indian & Persian bread): 33 times.
French fries: 32 times.
Yenidje (tobacco): 27 times.
Vindaloo: 27 times.
Degeneracy: 26 times.
Rabbi Pinky Schmeckelstein: 26 times.
Shakespeare: 25 times.
Puppies: 23 times.
Utrecht: 23 times.
Syphilis: 21 times.
Netanyahu: 18 times.
Gerbrand Adriaenszoon Brederode: 15 times.
Sfas Emes: 15 times.
Arafat: 13 times.
Satmar: 12 times.
Sharon: 11 times.
Canals: 10 times.
Shomron: 9 times.
Likud: 7 times.
Belz: 6 times.
Brisker: 3 times.
Jonathan Pollard: 2 times.
Duck Dynasty: 1 time.

You will note that Netanyahu is mentioned far fewer times than 'penis', 'lesbian', 'anti-Semite', 'Republican', 'degenerate', or 'pervert'. Way at the bottom of the frequency list, barely above Arafat and Sharon.
But right underneath syphilis.

Yes, Israel is mentioned over five hundred times, and ranks fairly high, but is outranked by coffee, meat, and fish. Plus China, sex, and eggs.

If anything, I write about tea, tobacco products, smoking, the Dutch, and food. As well as hot sauces, the Cantonese, pipes, and skin.
Only incidentally delving into degeneracy and perversion.
And hardly anything else at all .

[In Answer to Mark: puppies 23 times, kittens 33 times, Hello Kitty 153 times.]

Cheese is mentioned 226 times, twice as much as spam, and more than ten times as often as Bibi Netanyahu, Arafat, or Ariel Sharon. It's an emmes important subject, and very well worth writing about.

Perhaps I should say more about cheese.

I am normal.

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