Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The bus stopped at Kearney and old people got on. One gentleman was so arthritic that he really should have used the front, where there is lift capability -- the bus will lower itself, and a little hydraulic platform would be able to make the ascent so much less problematic -- but he got on at the rear entrance, painfully attempting to hoist himself up the stairs. He refused help from passengers, but his wife pushed him up and in. It was a well-practiced manoeuvre; she had obviously done it many times before.

Before creaking over to a seat which a young person vacated for him, he swiped his transit card against the beeper. Whatever else, one must observe proper procedures. Two blocks later the couple got off.
I suspect that they meant to catch the Stockton bus.

Well, they're alive and kicking. And filled with determination neither grim nor excessively upbeat. Very matter of fact about the logistical problems that accompany old age.


In those two blocks, the bus went from jam-packed to sardine can.
There had been many elderly folks at Kearney Street.
Very few younger people got the memo.

Alleviating the tension that masses crammed together may feel, one woman was talking on her cell-phone. Normally I disapprove of cell-phone use on the bus, as it seems such a deliberate act of selfish personal imperialism.
"This is my space, screw you and both of your ears and even your very presence, I am an important and creative individual, and I will now assert my splendidiferous persontude by yacking loudly about nothing at all.
For the next ten blocks!"

"You gotta return to the warm embrace of Lesbian motherhood!"

Okay. Lady, you've got my complete attention. I love listening in on transit conversations, and I have NO intention of disturbing you while you talk about Lesbian maternal temperature.

This blogger, while not a Lesbian himself, has nothing but kind words for Lesbian embraces.
Which I do not want to actually see, please understand, unless they are fully clothed. Much like any other embracing. Embraces are a charming spectacle if the proprieties are maintained.
And I'm not a mother either. So that's TWO points of difference.
But believe me, I am all about warmth.

Especially in this weather.

Let us ALL embrace.

Mmm, toasty.

Turns out a friend is dallying temporarily with one of THOSE people. You know, a man. Male. Of masculine persuasion. It may be Christmas-related. Have to present a non-disturbing face to the folks during the holiday.

A pretense at standard heterosexual complacency is far more festive than casting dykeness into the family soup.

But just wait till afterwards. When it's all over.
You WILL return to the warm embrace.
Of the Lesbian earth-mother.
You can't help it.

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