Monday, November 19, 2012


You know me as a helpful person, right? You've read this blog long enough that you instinctively realize that underneath this cool and unemotional veneer beats the heart of a man who only wants to love and cherish you, and encourage your development and further education.
If I could, I would give you candy or champagne to help you study.
I respect your inquiring mind.

Especially when you feel the need to look up definitions on the Internet.
I too use the Internet for that exact purpose!

I am therefore unutterably overjoyed to find that not one, but several (!) readers have discovered this blog by entering this sentence into their search field: "difference between french cut and high cut".
No doubt there was more to the sentence than that, but google won't tell me what else it was.
Yet I can figure it out. More or less.

"Difference between french cut and high cut...'"

Because they found a post written over a year ago.
Which detailed some pertinent facts about panties.

[No thongs, hipster briefs, boy shorts, or yoga pants, ever!]

It was, more or less, a prose piece in praise of cotton.
You have no need to know what prompted that blogpost (as I recall, it was something both European and political in nature), suffice to say that good information was freely given.
As all worthwhile data should be.

To that end, I shall quote the most important part:

"The difference between them is that bikini briefs have a low waistband (in contrast to granny panties), French cuts have high leg openings canted forward, and high cuts have deep leg openings more in-tune with a natural design and a waistband slightly on the high side."

That is it.

I'll assume that the persons looking for this information are trying to upgrade their underwear collection, and are too shy to talk to the elderly matron in charge of the pantie department at the local shop.
Which I can fully sympathize with, as I too am far to shy to do that.
All my knowledge of bikini briefs, French cuts, and high cuts, is the result of assiduous research, coupled with unquenchable scientific curiosity.

If any young people out there benefit from it, I shall be quite happy.
This blog wishes to be informative and useful.
It's a mission.

Are there any questions?

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All correspondence will be kept in confidence.

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