Sunday, November 27, 2011


The horses are in a frisky mood. Excitement has spread among them, and they're happy to be observed. As if putting on a show they gallop around the meadow, now passing each other, now falling behind. Lively, playful.
Finally a pony approaches the fence, to nuzzle the hand outstretched with a sugar cube.
She sniffs to see if there is any more, and raises her head, unabashedly face to face.

"Look into my eyes, and know what galloping means to me."

It is easy to understand that message there, with the quivering excitement and the radiant joy of motion.
Velvet hide that glows with life, over a well-formed body and elegant limbs.
Exquisite details, perfect proportions.


The semidark of autumn afternoons is perfect for relaxation. All that is needed to complete the mood is a plate of cookies, and sweetness in a cup of warm milk-tea. Music? No, that would be a distraction. Just being here in half-light requires no sound. Distantly hearing the murmur of birds, faintly the hum of traffic. Occasionally a bus rumbles past on the other side of the building.
Slowly, intensely, savour the sensations.

How quiet it is inside, nothing can be heard from the other apartments. It is as if everyone took off and headed downtown.
This time, this place - utterly perfect. It must be enjoyed right now.

There is so little to say, each discovery is mysterious, delicious, rewarding.
Both tension and fabric yield to the reassuring touch, a wisp of dry incense lends an old-time fragrance to a slow afternoon.
Stretch languorously, warm inside the comfortable throw rug.
A comfortable and intense hour that slowly fades to sleep.

Later a refreshing shower - soap and towel smelling clean, reminders of spring - time past, time coming.
Warmth, moisture, grass in the rain, luxuriant down and velvet at the touch of finger tips.

Pause. Pleasure.

And then one more cup of tea, with milk and sugar.
Eyes half-closed listening to the clock.
Happily plan another afternoon.
Precisely like this one.
So very perfect.

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