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My evenings nowadays are wide open. I rarely go to bars anymore - one can't really have a discussion there, and liquor interferes with almost every one else's thought processes - and even though many years ago I would often go to coffee houses after work, I actually prefer a nice cup of tea late in the day.
Besides, one cannot smoke in public nowadays. Single Vegan Moms and assorted trolls scream at one if it is attempted.
Pretty soon, pot will be obligatory, tobacco will be outlawed.

I actually cannot stand the smell of pot.

Just like many of you, inexplicably (!), detest the aroma of fine tobacco.

What is wrong with you people anyway?

The nineteen forties and fifties, I have been told, reeked of whisky, gin, coffee, tobacco, and pencil shavings.
It was a brilliant era, and much that was lastingly worthwhile was created.

The sixties and seventies stank of pot and patchouli, along with cheap cigarettes and unwashed hippies.
By the eighties, the patchouli and body odour had lessened.
In the nineties the cigarettes started disappearing too.
And let us not even mention the past ten years.

The fifties were probably the last truly great creative period in America.
From the sixties on mediocrity and tastelessness flourished as never before.
Nobody has ever accomplished anything worth a damn while zonked on Mary Jane.
There is absolutely nothing redeemable about that evil weed, and the deleterious effect of marijuana on popular culture and public morals is probably the single greatest source of rot in American life.

If modern society is corrupt, it's because of the doobie generation.

Just look at the sheer piles of garbage on television.
Real Housewives? Some pot smoker probably came up with the idea.
Any series set in New Jersey? Damned potheads.
All those convoluted food shows? Dude, you ever hear of the munchies?!?
What do you suppose that's all about?

The epidemic of physical and mental flab in this country more than anything else testifies to the pernicious influence of pot at all levels.
Spam brains and expanding waist-lines.

Pot encourages laziness, self-centeredness, egotism, and a sense of entitlement.
Which explains both the Wall Street scum AND the Occupy scum.
They are the perfect products of the post-fifties environment.

On the other hand, putting real tobacco into a pipe and calmly savouring its subtleties inculcates thoughtfulness and good mental habits, and is rightly associated with brilliant people.
Albert Einstein. André Breton. J. Robert Oppenheimer.
Hillaire Belloc. William Faulkner. Orson Welles.
Clark Gable. Cary Grant. Fred MacMurray.
Tolkien. J. P. Sartre. Gerald Ford.


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