Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Big fat beefsteak! How's that for a tempting term? The image of luscious juicy flesh, oooooozing goodness (and high-cholesterol seepage), all firm and sizzling on the grill......

Welcome to San Francisco. Your grill is inside a steakhouse. Because no one wants to grill outside in the fog.
This blogger is particularly fond of Harris' Restaurant at 2100 Van Ness. Though you cannot see your steak acquiring that wonderful cooked appearance, it is doing so. While pinkness is less on the program than a well-aged and well-marbled appearance, you just know that seconds after you place your order, a delicious tempting slab of fine meat has been put over the flames for you.

And as you wait, how about something to keep you occupied?

The foie gras is excellent, so are the steamed clams.
Have some champagne or dry sherry too.

I actually haven't eaten there in quite a while, so this is not a review.
More like an extremely favourable mention, coloured somewhat by wishfulness.
You see, I dine alone nowadays. And feasting by oneself is much like staying home and getting drunk. Both of those patterns are to be avoided. Solitary drinking is more fun, I suppose, than solitary dining - but neither is particularly to be recommended.


A well-dressed table - fine porcelain, crystal, silver - is still quite naked without someone wearing pearls sitting opposite.
More than just pearls, of course - no matter how delightful the sight, most restaurants frown upon nudity. Possibly because it's foggy outside, and cold. They want their customers dressed. Warm.
But the pearls are a perfect accent to a creamy complexion.
Trust me on this.
I explained that to a good friend recently, who promptly offered to wear pearls, even stockings and spike-heels for playing footsie under the table.
And he'd look good in all that too, I have no doubt. Just not what the doctor ordered.
No offense to him, he's a very fine chap, but somehow the prospect of a tall elegant drag-queen is not nearly as appealing as a small elegant female.
One has to match the flowers to the vase.
Me with a drag queen - something just doesn't look right.
Me next to a woman - a perfect couple that looks so cute together!

And that would be the effect of the woman, you understand.
Trim little figure, nicely dressed, small hands, and lively eyes made brighter by the candle light reflecting off of her spectacles.
In addition to pearls and wickedly innocent lipstick.
Glowing! She's just so sweet with the foxy vampire!

Have some Béarnaise sauce, my dear! Just dip a dab to taste!
Steak-frites, the perfect dinner.
Some salad on the side, and we'll go have dessert somewhere else.

I just want to keep looking at you.

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