Thursday, January 06, 2011


Recently a woman died in Ramallah. Both the Palestinian Authority and her family have asserted that she expired as a direct result of teargas at the weekly rock-throwing festival in Bil'in.
This has been widely reported by the international press, eliciting outrage from several human rights organizations. And columnists.

Explaining how this could happen, when tear gas normally is by no means fatal, and no one else had been so grievously affected, Palestinian sources clarified that the Jews added phosphorus to the gas.
Further, the gas remained in an extremely concentrated form while traveling quite a distance, zeroing in on the young lady and no one else.
Several hours after she was released from the hospital where she went upon inhaling the fumes, the cleverly modified gas finally had the deadly effect intended.

The victim was buried immediately, no post-mortem deemed necessary.


By now it ought to be obvious that ANY demise within a ten mile radius of more than three Israelis is caused by Zionism.

That explains both honour killings and traffic accidents.

Those two would otherwise qualify, with cancer and kuru, as the leading natural causes of death in the West Bank.

Further, it has been CONCLUSIVELY proven, by reputable Saudi and Egyptian scientists, that ALL unpleasant phenomena are caused by Jews.
The Mossad, as you've probably heard, keeps an entire zoo of animals that have been trained to specifically harm non-Jews.

Vultures. Sharks. Jerusalem rats. Sinai snakes. Cartoonists.

Animal and plant life, the tides, eclipses, gravity, old age, flooding in Australia, skepticism, critical thinking, and perspective - all of these are controlled by the Jews!

Swine flu too. As well as the wild boar problem in the Galilee.

My aunt Bertha has arthritis because of them.

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e-kvetcher said...

I'd especially pay attention to the "Other Accusations" section of that page.

The back of the hill said...

Surreal! Pelicans, pigeons, jellyfish, and mosquitoes.

ADH and JNM said...

Please see this:

Cite: Reports issued by the protesters themselves claim that there were 1,000 people at the demonstration that day and yet they do not appear to have a plausible explanation for the fact that others were unharmed by the tear gas. If indeed Ms. Abu Rahma was located half a kilometre away from the clashes, and especially if on a hill, as claimed by some witnesses, issues such as the density of the gas –which is heavier than air – and its subsequent ability to travel such a distance without dissipating (particularly as it was raining that day and water is one of the recommended means of neutralising the effects of tear gas) come into question.

Shee, how could anyone question the probity of Joseph Dana?

Abu Jamhuria said...

Appears to less in the claim of teargas death than meets the eye:

"Both sides have concluded that Abu Rahmah hadn't died from inhalation of tear gas at the Bilin protest but from the results of the medical care she received along with medical problems she suffered from prior to the demonstration; Judea and Samaria Division Commander Nitzan Alon revealed Friday."


Probably some belated bleating next week by the propels to the effect of "we're sorry, we won't do it again....... soon".
Almost immediately after that, they'll do something totally egregious.

Zain Buissa said...

At this point, how can a rational person believe anything that comes out of a Palestinian mouth, or is claimed by the por-Palestinian collaboraters in Britian, Europe, and Berkeley.

Unless, of course, they're anti-Smeitic.
Irrational conpiroid paranoia is also rife among the ranks of the Jew-hating left.

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