Friday, January 28, 2011


My apartment mate needs to work tomorrow. So I think I will get up late, fix myself some tea and buttered toast, and twiddle my long toes in front of the telly.
Perhaps watch some enraged sputtering by the Foxcasters, or some happy riot footage from somewhere.

I might even take a bath. Miracles happen.

Around early afternoon I shall probably head over to the office to spend several hours on the internet. The office is a nice peaceful place on weekends, with only the customer service department or someone in graphics puttering about. It is, in fact, the closest one can come to a forest glade in downtown San Francisco.
Calm, quiet.
Here and there a bit of dirt or a scurrying small creature.
I may actually shatter the calm and quiet by playing something at full blast.

Purcell’s Trumpet Voluntary?

Perhaps a bit of rock and or roll.

I think mr. Badger would like that, yes.

Note: sketch above made while on phone - more or less a self-portrait.
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Tzipporah said...

Mr. Badger looks a mite thin, though. I'm a Jewish mother; this concerns me.

The back of the hill said...

Mr. Badger is indeed a mite thin. My roommate and I are no longer a couple, just good friends now, and consequently mr. Badger doesn't have much of an appetite.

But don't worry, I eat often enough.

I'd probably eat more if I had someone to eat with.

The back of the hill said...

Update as of January 31, 2014.

Still eating by myself, but by no means despondent over the situation.

Hopeful, yes.

There are negatives, there are positives.

No one to share charsiu with...
But on the bright side, no one to share charsiu with! My charsiu!

In a charsiu-centered universe, that may count for something.

No pork said...

Is your universe still charsiu centered?

Or have you found someone flaky?

The back of the hill said...

It is still more-or-less charsiu centered. No flaky people have made themselves known to me.

Yes, this is San Francisco, so you would think the place abounds with them, but I'm dense, and have not noticed.

Shark Fin said...

In a comment elswhere recently you mentioned that your beard traps soup.

Charsiu and noodle soup, or just soup?

Abd how often do you comb it out and eat it?

The back of the hill said...

Gosh, Shark Fin, you make me sound like a gorilla picking its own lice.

Actually, I comb it daily, even though there is seldom any soup there.
I eat rather neatly.
Even soup.

Although today, seeing as it's Chinese New Year, I am wondering where I will eat. Several of my favourite spots will be closed, at least today, and probably tomorrow too.
Noodle soup would be a splendid way to start the year!

My next off-day will be Tuesday Feb. 20. To which I am looking forward.

Aaah, noodle soup!

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