Tuesday, November 16, 2010


One of the people who was there witnessed the assault on Robin by the JVP’ers Sunday evening in Berkeley very clearly.

This is what he wrote:
"I witnessed the assault on Robin Dubner on 11-14-10. I heard a fracas to my left and behind me. I turned and saw a blonde woman with short hair and a man with glasses pushing Robin backwards, toward a wall of windows and a plaster wall-- a corner, essentially. Robin had both hands above her head and the two JVPers were shoving her backward and grabbing at Robin's hands. Another two persons were behind the two assailants, all moving forward on Robin, who was retreating backward from them. Robin was screaming words to the effect of: "Don't touch me; let go of me." I didn't catch the JVPers' words, but several people were yelling at Robin at once.

I saw Robin's camera fly out of her hands and the attack on her let up for a moment. When Robin picked up her camera from the floor, the attack started again, with more pushing, grabbing and screaming at Robin by multiple people. Robin took out her pepper spray and sprayed the blonde woman; I didn't notice her spray the man but I understand he was also sprayed. At that time, Robin was able to move away.

I can testify in court that this was a brutal attck by multiple cowards on a disabled person (Robin) and that Robin was justified in protecting herself with pepper spray. The spray was used solely in self-defence. Even I feared for Robin's safety at the hands of these thugs who unjustifiably, physically attacked Robin."

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Bear in mind that there are also other witnesses.
Unlike JVP, they will tell the truth

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the "Jewish Voice for Peace" stalwarts lied for public relations advantage? If they would lie about this incident, who knows what else they might be lying about.

Anonymous said...

Remember what Arafat said "If I'd kill for my cause, don't you think I'd lie for my cause?"

Conservative apikoris said...

Of course, if you go to the JVP web page, they'll be happy to tell you about how their folks were assaulted with pepper spray.


I looked over their web page, and as a former Zionist and a current active and affiliated member of the Jewish community, I see nothing particularly objectionable about their political positions. In fact, I think a substantial portion of the Zionist Israeli public (though not, alas, a majority) would agree with what they are saying.

I know we have discussed this before, but it really does bother me, you seem to have such reasonable opinions on other matters, that you you are so ready to legitimize criticism of Israeli policy, and by Jews, no less.

What the current Israeli government is doing is wrong. (And even what their opposition did was wrong.) The Occupation is evil and it is not good for Israel, let alone the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

JVP lied!?! Of course they did. Glen Hauer, Alexei Folger, you miserable pieces of shite.

Kate Ratfeel Bunger said...

Time to google:
Joel Benin
Eyal Mazor
Yaman Salahi
Avital Aboody
Terri Harel
Randa Siniora
Cecilie Surasky
Stefanie Fox
Lili Naveh

Anonymous said...

I love the way the JVP press release characterized Ms. Dubner as "right wing". She is an animal rights activist, and was one of founding members of a anti-nuke alliance. I believe she is also active in promoting gay and lesbian rights.

Is that considered right wing by Berkeley standards?

The back of the hill said...

Is that considered right wing by Berkeley standards?

Oh hell yes! Animal rights are speciesist, Iran and Korea are entitled to nukes, and gay and lesbian rights are discriminatory gender imperialism!

In Berkeley.

Anonymous said...

Robin Dubner is not a right-winger! As an attorney she has spent hundreds of hours defending animal rights activists pro bono. She is an ethical vegetarian, and is one of the earliest members of the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF.) She also helped found an anti-nuke alliance in NYC. She has been active in LBGTQ rights since 1974.

Anonymous said...

It is rather typical of the leftist "Anti-Zionist" style of argument. If they have nothing factual or relevant to say, they use one of their "power words" to "trump" their opponent, i.e."Oh yeah, well you're just a fascist anyway!" Or "right winger" or, "Zionist" any number of their other power words. To these folks, words have the meaning that they INSIST they must have for their purposes,rather than what the words actually mean in English. It is an other example of the empty arrogance of today's "Left."

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