Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Savage Kitten, it saddens me to say, is a bigot. There are times when she just will not accept that the "other" is equally valid.
No, this has nothing to do with 'moral-relativism', it is not about alternative points of view or different ways of doing things.
It is about innate characteristics that are hereditary and biologically determined. Stuff that people should not be blamed for, as they can't help being that way.
Repulsive, yes, but it isn't their fault.

The other night we were watching teevee, when an ad came on involving Italian food. Little did I realize that she instinctively felt an antipathy towards one person in the ad.

In the ad, a gentleman answers his door to find a giant cockroach trying to deliver a pizza. And he refuses to accept the delivery.
Quite brusquely, too, which seemed uncalled for.

I asked Savage Kitten what she would do if a human-sized cockroach came to the door delivering pizza.

"I'd slam the door and look for a can of Raid!"

But he's just doing his job!

"He's a bug!"

Yes, he's a bug, but he's obviously a thoughtful and responsible one. He's trying to be a useful member of society, exactly like all the other human-size cockroaches! You should give him a chance.

"He's a bug!!"

He probably bathes regularly and he probably has a home and a mortgage like everybody else. Just an average Joe.

"He's a bug!!!"

And what about his children? Should they go through life fearing that one day someone will suddenly pull out a can of poison, and DO them?

"He's a bug!!!!"

I bet he has a little daughter at school too. With two little pink ribbons, a sweet playful little girl - would you want her to be excluded by the other kids? Do you want her to come home weeping, and tell her daddy that the humans were mean to her at school?

"He's a bug!!!!!"

There she'll be, wanting to play with the other girls, maybe jump rope or cat's cradle - she's probably a whiz at cat's cradle, with all those extra hands......

"What, kids don't play cat's cradle anymore, what the hell planet are you from?!?"

See, that illustrates the problem exactly. Kids' play patterns nowadays are all about electronics and a lack of real interaction with others. They no longer use their imagination. It makes them anti-social, and incapable of empathy. They lack a broadminded perspective.


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

LOL. Go see the movie "District 9" — awesome sympathizable insectoid aliens.

Spiros said...

There has never been an ad on TV involving Italian food, except maybe in Italy.

Anonymous said...

He probably bathes regularly and he probably has a home and a mortgage like everybody else. Just an average Joe.

Exactly. That's his name. Josef K.

Anonymous said...

There has never been an ad on TV involving Italian food, except maybe in Italy.

Spiros -

Thank you, my Mediterranean brother.


Nothing advertised on TV is Italian food. It's food with tomato sauce and melted cheese on it. Or with oregano in it. Or with tomato sauce, melted cheese, and oregano in it. Or pasta.

Tzipporah said...

And here I was afraid she was biased against pizza... thanks goodness.

e-kvetcher said...

Sounds to me more like Naked Lunch than Kafka.

e-kvetcher said...

off topic - i am cancelling my vacation to stockholm :)

news at 11

The back of the hill said...

Tayere e-kvetcher,

In that case, in lieu of visiting Sweden, simply read about geswøddens here:

Clickably: Swedish skømm

I note, from your link, the following:
'Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said, "This piece is so blatantly racist and can induce to hate crimes in such a way that we think authorities need to take care of the matter."

Well said. Kraftig. However, the Sweish authorities than shit in the punchbowl: "We obviously don't think it is great to comment on what is written in the media" (Anders Jorle, foreign ministry spokes-drone).

Not so well said. Freedom of speech also counts for bureaucrats.

The back of the hill said...


1. "the Sweish authorities": should have been 'the Swedish Authorities'. But let it stand.

2. "than shit in the punchbowl": should have been 'then shit in the punchbowl'.

Further, at least they took pains to assert that the article din NOT represent the gov'mnt, parliament, or authorities.

I suspect that had a Dutch reporter written that article, the internet would now be filled with badly written texts excoriating anybody who dared to criticise that author. And the Dutch authorities would bleat about'freedom of the press', 'reporting what was said only', 'surely one can understand the expression of legitimate alternative points of view, and bla bla bla.

The back of the hill said...

din = did

dipsomaniacally amphibious said...

Whatever BOTH has been drinking, can I have some too?

Anonymous said...

I was having the same conversation about eating goat. My girl friend (we could call her Savage Dominican) was recanting the virtues of eating goat. I would say, but it’s a goat; good only for making and cheese. Oh no, on and on about this recipe and that dish. But it’s a goat, we don’t eat goat. Well apparently we do, I’ll find out tonight what goat taste like. Yuck!


Mew Mew said...

They're bugs!!!!!

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