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I note, pursuant my previous post about the fund-raising Jew-hating seder to be held at a local Methodist Church, that ms. Kinneret Israel (the Festival Point Person for the Free Palestine Peace and Solidarity Festival - "Hatefest 2008", for short), seems to be involved with Jewish education in the Bay Area, particularly with the young.
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"--Etgar (9th grade Core): Yeshi Gusfield, Jen Holzer, Kinneret Israel
Who am I? What do I believe? Why are other Jews different than I am? How are they the same? Explore issues of Jewish identity and come up with surprising answers. The class includes participation in four amazing weekend retreats.--"

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I am not at all sure that it is the same person - there may be hundreds of Kinneret Israels in the Bay Area, as it is a very lovely name.
And for all I know Kinneret Israel could also be a nom de guerre - a name lifted deliberately by a pro-terror radical. It sounds so nicely Jewish.
If it is the same person, I would offer the opinion that she has no business being involved in Jewish education.

Sara Kershnar, mentioned in my previous post as the Nakba Actions Point Person, may be the large handsome lady in the photo at this site: .
Somebody going by that name has a history of social activism, anti-Israel rabble-rousing, and association or collusion with pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah elements.

An article by Sara Kershnar (and again, I have no idea if it is the same person - there may be thousands of large handsome women named Sara Kershnar who are anti-Israel activists) is available at this site:Õ

Let me give you a sample:

"It is an honor to stand with you today as part of a growing international network of anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist Jews whose identities are not based on Zionism but on long histories of Jewish participation in liberation struggles from Eastern Europe and Iraq to Brooklyn. Our participation in this conference reflects our commitment to these legacies and to current struggles against colonization and imperialism. Central to this commitment is solidarity with Arab liberation struggles against US imperialism and Zionism."

Another quote:

"As the 5th year of the US occupation of Iraq passes, we hold our governments accountable for their continued support of the US/Israel agenda for military, economic and political control of the region. "

And also:

"I am part of a growing movement of anti-Zionist Jews who are part of a growing Palestine solidarity movement that is part of a growing anti-imperialist, anti-globalization struggle rising from the global south from Palestine to Chiapas, from Venezuela to the US/Mexico border."

All of this, according to AlArab Online, was part of an International Jewish Solidarity Network - Speech delivered at the opening session of the Cairo Conference against Occupation, March 27, 2008.
[AlArab Online is here: ]

The Jewish establishment in the Bay Area is sodden with such people. Several years ago even I would not have thought so - surely there could not be such enthusiasm for self-destruction?

But our worst enemies in the Bay Area have indeed often proven to be Jews - Jews who are Jewish merely when it suits them to be Jewish, and only Jewish to the extent that it benefits their purposes. Jews who willingly are the good Jews. Jews who allow the sonei Yisroel to use them as cover for anti-Semitism. Jews who wish to destroy Jews.
They and their sympathizers have penetrated many Jewish organizations, and made pro-Israel advocacy controversial and even dangerous in the Bay Area.

These people are not batel b'shishim - they are poison in any quantity.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't surprised at all to see Israeli names. Such is the nature of these events and organizations: Some of the Jews involved feels it legitimises their cause even more, when bona fide "occupiers" admit "guilt"...

Unknown said...

It makes me think of "Another Jewish sound" (Een ander Joods geluid)in the Netherlands. Jews who just hate themselves for being Jews and apologize for everything, just to suite the poor, peaceful Palestinians, even if it leads to destruction of other Jews. I cannot help thinking of them when praying: Velamalshinim al-t'he tikvah.....

Anonymous said...

I congratulate the Blogmeester upon his description

"large handsome lady"

one correct adjective
one not
a not too appropriate noun

American irony is alive & kicking!


The back of the hill said...

Howdy y'all, Back of the hill speaking - I'm temporarily unable to put up new posts here because Google/Blogger have questions about my blog.

So I'm currently at my summer home, here:

Which I'll keep as a reserve if the good googloggers decide to unlock this blog.

Anonymous said...

This Sara Kershnar???

I've seen larger....
I've seen handsomer....

The back of the hill said...

Why yes, that Sara Kershnar.

You'll have to admit, there's something majestic about her. I believe the Zulu's called their paramount chief's consort 'the great she-elephant', or something similar.

Hear the savage trumpeting, and feel the ground shake, as the mother of all elephants tramples flat the human children who cannot escape her wrath..... oh yes, they write epic poetry about such creatures.

Dusty said...

This Kinneret Israel?

She's a bit less of a she-elephant, but she's young yet. Give her time.

The back of the hill said...

Give her time? That is precisely what I do not wish to do.

She has had enough time. Time should run out.

I envision a future for her married to a big behemoth of a Persian woman - a coarse and spongy creature whom she will be hard put to wrap her arms and legs about. One who makes impossible demands. She would probably like that - so you see, I am actually all heart.

They should live in Kansas.

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