Tuesday, August 21, 2007


What do you mean you doubt that this will happen? Have you no faith?

Where is your optimism, you kofer?

Okay, let's not argue.

Here's something else that is equally unbelievable, yet, alas, also totally believable.

"The world's most notorious state exponent of anti-semitism – Iran – is being given a seat on the UN committee planning a 2009 UN anti-racism conference. This conference is billed as a review of the implementation of the 2001 UN conference against racism which was held in Durban, South Africa. The infamous Durban Conference is remembered for its broadcast of anti-semitism from a global platform under a UN banner and with UN blessing. Now Iran is being placed in a position to drive the agenda of Durban II. Other members slated to take their place on the so-called Bureau for the Durban Preparatory Committee (Prep Com) are Libya - the Chair, Cuba and Pakistan. The Prep Com will meet for the first time in Geneva, August 27, 2007."

Rest of depressing article here:

And I was alerted to it here:

What was particularly memorable about the 2001 Durban conference was the incest between third world gangster regimes, Muslim bigots, and failed states.
Kind of like the Arian woodstock, except with Melanin instead of pallor. But just as charming.

What were the results of the Durban conference?

The Jews (eternal targets of bigotry) were slammed by the Arabs (slave traders for millennia, who still discriminate against those who are neither Arab nor Muslim, and still surreptitiously support slavery).

Those who pretty much invented the slave trade were allowed to dominate the proceedings.

The African nations, who profited from selling their war-captives and minorities to Europeans and Arabs, demanded to be paid again. No mention of reparations for the actual descendants of the merchandise, who of course do not live in Africa anymore.
It was proposed that tax-money paid in part by the descendants of slaves should be given to those who are in part descended from the sellers of those same slaves. No one demanded that the Arabs pay any reparations at all. Which was "third world solidarity" in action, I guess.

India, whose treatment of its oppressed classes is uncivilized and a scandal, got off Scot-free by collaborating with Africa and the Arabs to slam Israel and the west.

There was no mention of discrimination against the Roma by the Slavs, or the depressing status of non-Christians in holy mother Russia either.

[Odd, I didn't know that Eastern Europe was part of the third world.... ]

Shouldn't more time have been spent on actually discussing racism in the world and less time devoted to the consideration of a markedly anti-western agenda by a bunch of third world failures with abominable human rights records?

Might it not have been more productive to look at how America, Israel and European countries are dealing with minority issues?
These are after all reasonably successful nations who have actually attempted to deal with racism and discrimination.... quite unlike the repressive dictatorships which litter the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South America.

The usual chorus of resentful tin-pot tyrants and greedy third-world beggar nations was allowed to dominate the discussion, giving a shrill refrain of anti-western rhetoric, and sweeping their own glaring faults under the rug. One would almost think that hunger for an easy buck drove the proceedings... quite understandable, given that those who steal from their own people often see no reason why they shouldn't steal from everybody else.

Comments? A different opinion? Speak up, I am keen to hear your point of view.

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