Thursday, June 14, 2007


That, you will remember, was the most popular song from the Southpark movie a few years ago.

As of ooh-umpty hours yesterday evening, Hamas was in control of Gaza and happily shooting captured Fatah men in the head, Abu Mazen was tearfully dissolving the unity government and ordering the arrest and mistreatment of hundreds of Hamas members in the West Bank, and the last few remaining Fatah loyalists were blowing a hole in the border-fence and fleeing to Egypt.

And who are the Eurocommunists (now re-branded as 'socialist', because it is a gentler, more kid-friendly name) blaming for this entire stinking mess?

If you guessed Israel and the United States, please step to the front of the class. Yasher koiach!

[And 'zackly how DID you learn to think like those people, hmmmm?]

You heard me right.

As near as I can figure out the logic, it is because the US armed Fatah, despite the Israeli security establishment thinking that it was a bad idea, that Hamas had no choice but to fight.
Which was apparently the plan of the Israelis and their Yankee-taskmasters (or the Yankees and their AIPAC Zio-nazi taskmasters, either version is acceptable), as this benefits Israel directly.
Even though you and I might not quite see how having an enclave of armed bloodthirsty extremists ensconced in an urban hell-zone is of any benefit to anybody, the bright boys among the European intelligentsia are of one mind that this is good for Israel, and therefore, quod erat demonstrandum, the Jews and Yanks are behind it.

Blaming Jews and Yanks for the cock-ups of the lesser races is both axiomatic and instinctive - the poor dears are quite incapable of the creativity and inspiration necessary to make an utter bollocks of their own affairs.

[Note that the people who blame Js and Ys for such things overlook the racism inherent in such an attitude - they are quite comfortable believing that they themselves alone know the truth, but Palestinians / Muslims / Third World natives / Exploited peasants / Ethnic minorities are ignorant tools of the imperialists. By jingo! Enlightened people are racialists - who knew?]

If I thought that there was even a remote chance that Hamas would NOT turn all of Gaza into a bomb-factory, or a slight chance of Hamas not committing a brutal cleansing that makes the Taliban look like pussies, or even any chance that Gaza does not fill up with all the dregs of the Arab world keen to wage jihad, I would now take bets on whether the flow of rockets towards Sderot would lessen or increase.

But the only thing I can really do at this point is say that Hamas must be destroyed!

See here:
And here:
And here:


Please note that I am by no means gloating. What’s happening in Gaza does not benefit anyone, and a certain friend is now even less likely to visit his kinfolk in Gaza. And much though he might wish to do so, he cannot bring them here either, nor can they escape to Egypt, or even Europe. This is a tragedy for real people, though it is a rhetorical feast for the Eurocommie morons and bastards on the internet – of which there are quite a number in Holland. Of course.


Anonymous said...

I've heard it said that people get the government that they deserve. Now the Paletinians have Hamas,what does that say?


The back of the hill said...

That says that what was once a problem for Fatah is now no longer a problem.

Houston, we have a mess.

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