Thursday, September 15, 2022


From the internet we learn that Republicans and other fascists love bad pizza, shitty pillows, pure Aryan mermaids, Jew-hating Swedish nazis, and sickeningly aromatic pipe tobaccos.

Actually, the Jew-hating Swedish nazis are more open-minded than that; they also hate immigrants and foreigners and want to keep them out. To a certain extent I can agree. It's not just Okies, I myself don't want anymore Floridans, Mid-Westerners, or Texans here. They're smelly and uneducated, and take jobs away from hard-working Californians. In fact, we also need to ban people from places where they eat lutefisk, East Coast pizza, or Swedish cuisine.

Sickeningly aromatic pipe tobaccos? Christ on a crutch!
The nerve, the effrontry, the sheer bad taste!

A lack of standards, tell you what.
Yes, I know that at least two of my friends in the West Bank are benevolently inclined toward such people -- Jonathan won't shut up about how they're better Christians than the scientists, or how here in California we're not redneck enough -- but it speaks volumes that he and the chap who defriended me on election night 2016 live in the Middle East, and habitually associate with fundamentalists thumping some book or other.

Per Jonathan: "there might be something to the apple cider vinegar thing but i don't do it myself. this is not because i don't accept the biological chemistry behind the idea (which, i hate to break it to you, exists) but because i have no interest in living any longer than i have to.
you, on the other hand, think that appeals to authority or even consensus constitute "science" and i envy you your faith
End quote.

Clearly he's a very good old boyish shit for brains.
We have far too many of those here.
They should all go back.

I am convinced that if he had the good sense to smoke a pipe, he'd have the bad taste to smoke aromatics. Molto Dolce or Blue Note, for instance. OR even SG Firedance Flake.

That last, I have been reliably informed, is flavoured with blackberry brandy, fruit essences, essential oils, and apple cider vinegar. The only thing missing is seasonal pumpkin.
He'd really like Sutliff's popular Autumn blend. Bleagh.

The barbarians are at the gates.
Pour boiling oil on them.

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Anonymous said...

BLM hates Jews too.

The back of the hill said...

This post is about aromatic pipe tobacco. Embedded in venomous hatred toward several groups, but still, aromatic pipe tobacco. Did that escape you?

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