Wednesday, September 28, 2022


While I was finishing my after-lunch pipe I ended up near the clinic. So after emptying out the ashes I went and got my bivalent booster and my flu shot. As I left I thanked the nurse, and mentioned in passing my cigar huffing acquaintance the dumbass who doesn't trust the vaccine and always claims that flu shots give you the flu.

He also believes in apple cider vinegar.

1st. shot: Moderna, April 1, 2021.
2nd. shot: Moderna, April 29, 2021.
3rd. shot: Pfizer, November 17, 2021.
4th. shot: Moderna, April 13, 2022.
5th. shot: Moderna, September 28, 2022.

Three flu shots since this whole thing started. I'm five-geed, magnetized, and micro-chipped up the wazzoo. And Bill Gates plus the Bilderbergers now know the exact details of my Mc Nugget buying habits as well as how I feel about space lizards.
If the nut-ball collective is to be believed.

Not planning to mention this on my Facebook page, because of a friend in Israel who has echte emmese emunah in apple cider vinegar, and doesn't quite understand science. Not quite a dumbass, but he's trying. He's not fully Qanonical yet.
I really wasn't thinking to get this done today. Was of a mind to schedule it maybe next week Monday or Tuesday, but when I was happily puffing on the last bit of tobacco I decided to go in and inquire, was told that no appointments were necessary just walk in anytime and they asked did I want it done today. "Why yes", biting the bullet, "that would be lovely".
I am needle phobic. Needles are better than they used to be.

"Shoot me on up, I'm readier than I'll ever be!"

Had cake with my tea later. After grocery shopping. As a reward.

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