Friday, September 16, 2022


The Facebook algorithms have gone berserk: they showed me an advertisement for a book containing the thoughts and noteworthy statements of Rush Limbaugh. I am baffled why they considered that appropriate. The man was a festering pustule, and did not die a moment too soon (February 17, 2021). The ONLy reason to acquire this book would be to burn it. Damned swine, the world is a better place with him gone.
Seriously, we need to piss on his grave.

Same goes for his hordes of fans.
Even if they're not dead.
Soon, babies.

And, in that same degenerate vein, the Grubhub bilboard about San Franciscans knowing good sweet and sour chicken inspired me. In fact San Franciscans do NOT know good sweet and sour chicken, that's crap that East Coasters would eat while boasting how New York has the BEST Chinese food (and it is so appropriate that three of those billboards are near an East Coast pizza place), but I suppose it is edible, and yesterday I ordered it at a restaurant where they don't know me, and which is not known for Cantonese food.
Not bad. Could've used more ginger and scallion. I had ascertained that there was Sriracha on the premises before I went in. That's the magic potion that makes suburban food edible, even enjoyable. That they had Thai ice tea was icing on the cake.


I think if I were to make it I would dredge the chicken bits with corn starch (salt and pepper added), deep fry 'em, and make a sauce using ginger, dried chili flakes, pinch five spice, black vinegar, and only a little sugar. Coarsely chopped scallions added just before taking it off the fire. Slopped on top to soften the coating. Chilipaste would be an excellent foil.
Fresh cilantro strewn over it when plating.

I would probably call it "Shantung Chicken", so as not to piss off any of the local people. So not 'tong chou gai', but 'saan dung chaau gai kau' or 'saan dung baau gai kau' (山東炒雞球,山東爆雞球).

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