Sunday, March 27, 2022


This is another whiney post. My feet hurt. After several days running around at work, no actual chance to sit down, my feet hurt. Arterosclerosis in the legs, arthritis, and bad joints, are a combination I would wish on my worst enemies. Especially worse than me, far far worse, so that I can run them down and club them if the mood strikes.

But it was a good day. The morons in the backroom were relatively well behaved -- and quite likely did not soil themselves, which is unusual when most of them are there -- and because the troll wasn't there and some guests were, all the arguments were much more civil, not speckled with unprintable language and aspersions. Plus an old friend came to visit.

We discussed Charatans, Dunhills, and Hong Kong Noodles.
Indian restaurant food was aslo discussed. As well as turmeric, coriander seed, cumin, and black mustard seed. Plus sticks of butter in darn well everything, heart attack on a plate, because no one in their right mind goes to an Indian restaurant for healthy stuff. Someone from that part of the world might have their "stick-of-butter-masala" with some naan bread or chapatis (both also made with butter), but the net effect is still butter. So it's not as healthy as the Hong Kong porkchop on a layer of spaghetti and red sauce covered with melted cheese and washed down with strong tea made pale with sweetened condensed milk. At an Indian restaurant you might wash it down with yoghurt (high fat), or, if you're English, enough beer to knock you out for several hours and make you more charming.

There is nothing kosher or heart-healthy about Indian restaurant food or typical chachanteng cuisine. That's not why it was invented, nobody clamours for that.

My friend scrawned up considerably last year, what with chemotherapy and pneumonia. Plus a problem in his guts. He's all better now, but needs to get some meat back on the old bones. A heaping serving of murgh makhni and some buttery pilao now and then, plus a chop covered with cheese, might be just the ticket.

Chew properly and have plenty of vegetables alongside, so that you won't need pink liquid or calcium carbonate tablets.

Remember, chilipaste is a vegetable.
Put sambal on everything.

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