Sunday, March 20, 2022


What with not being entirely clear on which term is "hurtful" or "politically incorrect", I'll just describe the person in question as "only debatably human, obviously small brained, emotionally crippled". ODHOSBEC for short. I'm sure the only two backroom boys who read my blog can easily identify who the subfunctioning degenerate bald troll to whom I refer actually is. Actually, let's not call him ODHOSBEC. Let's just call him "the Sh*t".

The Sh*t is in many ways typical for his class and kind. Self-centered, ideologically utterly reprehensible, opinionated in the way that only a severely stunted entitled white man can be, and, when he's whining about Nancy Pelosi or ragging R the Subcontinental, a thoroughly despicable vicious piece of trash. Probably a psychopath as well.

I actually rather like The Sh*t. No, not because it might be fun to poke him with a sharp stick or a cattleprod repeatedly, or perform unholy experiments on his bound body, but because despite his loathsomeness he actually has a sense of humour, and worships Sriracha.
But for the last year I've wished The Sh*t would just shut up.

Actually, that's the same for several others.

I babysit dreaful people.


Sofar only one of the backroom boys wears diapers. Possibly two. Three. Within the next ten years most of them will. Then they'll get lost wandering around the salt marsh and sink below the surface of the mud, never to be seen again. So sad, so sad.

The salicornia thrives in that vicinity.

I wonder how many unlikeable elderly suburbanites fertilize the saltflats. Probably many people send their sour old relatives out for a walk there. It's cheaper than housing them in specialized facilities or subsidizing their unproductive years and behaviourial medicines.

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