Monday, March 07, 2022


On Facebook, several posts by people I know, or in groups of which I am a member (this is what passes for social life these days) are strongly indicative of bad life choices. But the people involved are happy, and it's far too soon for them to have regrets and contemplate joining a monastery or nunnery, so I shan't say anything negative.

I'm relying on their mothers and busybody neighbors for that.

Or medical professionals at their yearly checkup.

Suffice to say that a Lord Of The Rings tattoo is not something I would get. Whether in full colour or simply black outline with Elfish script. Gandalf with or without a balrog.
Nor would I huff Molto Dolce in a bright blue churchwarden pipe.

If I were to smoke Molto Dolce, or get a Starbucks beverage with low fat, fruit syrups, sprinkles, and wipped cream, then perhaps Gandalf would be a wise choice. The bright blue pipe would be icing on the cake, and I might also go for strap-on fairy wings.
But more power to them. I support their 'self expression'.
Bad decisions show their brass balls.

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