Sunday, March 13, 2022


Imagine if you will a dozen gentlemen in various stages of fossiltude hanging around bellyaching about modern times and raggging on each other something fierce. That would be the cigar smokers. Now imagine a dozen sprightly young lads of the same range of ages as the angry fossils, happily discussing music and cars. That would be the pipe club. Which met indoors today for the first time since the pandemic started. I believe a good time was had.

Because I was busy with various things I did not join them at their gay partay, but I was witness to their giddiness sporadically. Morris arrived first with bottles of wine.
Which I believe were all empty when it was over.

The cigar smokers are more hardcore. Empty rum bottles are part of their regular trash.

I tend to describe them as bitter old men living in a bubble.

Because I do not partake of rum, and did not drink any wine, I spent the entire day giddy as a kite on caffeine, with multiple cups of tea. I had a good time, the pipesmokers had a good time, the cigar smokers may not have.
The cigar smokers pride themselves on being self-made men. The assembly instructions were badly written. Note to authors of same: dumb it down even more. Thank you.

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