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According to many sources, the chimichanga ("whatchamacallit") was invented in Arizona or Texas back during the middle of the last century by accident, and is a buritto filled with rice, beans, and the mediocre meat preparations beloved by white people and cowboys.
Deepfried, then gussied up with guacamole, sourcream, and a chunky salsa.

This is just plain wrong. It should be filled with Spanish rice, and either ripped grilled chicken, or carnitas (or charsiu pork, if you want), semi-deepfried (panfried in deep oil), with a smooth pourable salsa of roasted chiles perron. I shall brook no dissent on this.

On a visit to London, England, which culinarily might as well be Texas, I mistakenly ordered a chimichanga in a pub. What arrived was a thing composed of a humongous moist commercial egg roll skin wrapped around chipped beef and Heinz beans, deepfried till almost black, with limp greasy fries. A big ghastly gut bomb. No salsa.

In none of these itterations is it a healthy dish. But the beanless version I described is the most edible. As well as delicious. If you want "healthy", have a side of chile verde (pork chunks cooked in roasted green chiles, stock, garlic, NO damned tomatillos.

Tomatillos are not as useful as you think they are.
Perhaps in fruity salsa. But evenso.

Chimichangas, burittos, and simmered chile dishes ("chile con carne", "chile verde") are not Mexican, but were developed north of the border. The frito pie probably is Mexican, of the "let's see if those crazy gringos will eat it" variety.

By the way: Valentina hot sauce is not widely available here. Why is that?
Also: guacamole mashed smooth, extra lime juice, is excellent.

NOTE: Tex Mex simply means cheese and cumin in everything, with greasy tortilla chips on the side, served with beer. So it's perfectly suitable for Frat boys this coming Saint Paddy's Day.
Best avoid Frat boys and Texan things; they're nasty.
Ted Cruz represents both.

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