Thursday, March 17, 2022


There are some people you deservedly distrust every time they open their pie holes, and a few who, after several years exposure, you automatically believe, even if, at times, you disagree with some of their points of view.

Among the untrustworthy lot are Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Lindsey Graham, President Xi, and Dmitry Medvedev. Four of those men have a cold, calculating, dishonest quality that becomes glaringly more apparent every time they speak.
The first one is simply a slimy opportunist.
Probably has mommy issues.

[BTW: Carlson, Trump, and Gabbard are, clearly, Russian assets.]

Other buckets of festering slime are Laura Ingraham, Candace Owens, Geert Wilders, and most television preachers especially if they operate out of Florida, plus many luminaries of the Republican Party.

[Also worth mentioning in the bucket category are the talking heads and intellectuals of Brazil, Eritrea, India, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria, and Vietnam. Might as well just ignore China, Cuba, North Korea, and Turkmenistan.]

Among the people you trust when they say something are Walter Cronkite, Jimmy Carter, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Though at times you might disagree with them.

I like Arnie. He's a mensch.

I didn't vote for him.
But I would.

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