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Okay, yesterday's post was incredibly mean-spirited. And I'm sorry. I really don't want large numbers of my fellow citizens to croak. I actually want them to croak horribly, gasping for breath, and unable to even wail or moan due to lack of air, because they are stupid selfish mofos. And by the way, if their unvaxxed children are not wearing masks, they are clearly expendable.

Here's a guest-post from a good friend.

[Essay from John O.]

Lord help us, we’re all going to die.
Really. At this point it's just a SHORT matter of time.

I’m in Georgia, where the spread of Covid is horrendous. Worse, while spread is very ugly here in Georgia, this state is virtually surrounded by South Carolina (worse), Alabama (worse), and FLORIDA (DeSantis), like a death claw forming around us. So, I had to go today to the local Publix to pick up some prescriptions that they ineptly LOST LAST WEEK, and decided to grab a few items while the pharmacist STILL had to put my order together since it somehow was NOT done despite the recognition by the store, two hours earlier, that they messed the original order up. The clerk says, "Oh, it's not been two hours, sir", to which I pointed out that I drove to Physical Therapy, had a full session there, drove home, took my three dogs outside, and THEN came back to the store. Two full hours later. I’m feeling up to my neck in stupid. Begging, in fact, for a mere whiff of intellect. (Other than my own, obviously.)

As I walked through the store I saw at least four or five EMPLOYEES who were either unmasked or wearing their masks so that their noses were fully exposed – essentially, then, unmasked, since they were clearly breathing. I was, of course, fully and properly masked, and what made me feel like I couldn’t breathe was, by now, being so deeply drowning in the store’s level of thick, gooey, sticky, slimy stupid. Ceiling high stupid, and Publix has high ceilings.

I got to the checkout, where the item bagger was unmasked, and told the properly masked cashier that I would not allow an unmasked person to bag my groceries, and that said unmasked employee needed to stand at least six feet from me. The bagger got a look on her face that was like I was the one in the wrong. No, miss, I’m completely right, despite clearly being a bit of an asshole about it. I then went to Customer Service, where the clerk had his mask pulled down off of his nose, and asked to speak to the store manager. The store manager came out and, yes, his nose was fully exposed. Nobody handling the food we consume has the first clue regarding sanitation or viral spread, or they simply don’t care. (Skip back to the first sentence of this rant and re-read it, the words appropriate again now, then go on to the next paragraph. I'm sure that if you're an anti-masker these instructions will be way over your head.)

Next week, when their spouse or child is in the hospital, on a ventilator and near death, these are the exact same motherfuckers (please note that I saved all profanity for this exact point of my rant) who will dare to appear on national news sobbing and begging for help while saying that they wish they HAD gotten a vaccine three or four months ago when they became so absolutely easy to obtain (I got dose #2 on April 10, asshole, which was four months ago, before the Delta variant was a glint in Satan's eye). And free, too. Name another medical procedure you can get for FREE other than a Covid vaccination. (Free sure beats the cost of being in a hospital, on a ventilator, in the ICU, with about a dozen lines running to your body and Lord knows what being pumped into it, for a undetermined length of time which may, due to your death, leave the bills for your loving care in the loving care of your beloved survivors.)

I hate everyone today, and am spending the rest of it with just my dogs.

[End cite.]

I'd just like to add the following: to several people who dropped by where I work yesterday and today, and well over a dozen people on the bus, both days, WEAR YOUR GODDAMNED MASKS, ASSHOLES! Also, to Golden Gate Transit, you guys suck balls. Seriously. Your shitty attitude, mediocre service, and apathy about masks sets new standards of low.

Please note that, like I do with many quotes on this site, I put John O's entire screed into a different font: Georgia. I often use Georgia. It's a lovely typeface. Appropriate, too.


Publix is a supermarket chain with over twelve hundred locations in the Southeastern United States. Not everyone who works there is an idiot. A few of them have graduated high school.

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