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Sunday, December 29, 2013


While watching the boob tube, it struck me that some words are particular to one gender or the other. Men and women talk differently.

Men would never discuss an expensive breakfast table and matching seating as "so cute". Unless it was twee and tinkly-poo.

"She also dances ballet and she wants a shotgun"

Remarkably, the person who said that about an absent third party is also female. No, I do not know to whom she was referring, but it's quite interesting sounding. I would ask to be introduced, except that the last dancer I knew, three decades ago, was very food conscious. What she couldn't eat -- due to concern with maintaining proper weight -- she would rub all over her face. There were other 'issues' which no one remembers, but we all got to see the face-food thing.
It was ........ fascinating.
Being a foodie, and fond of bacon, I naturally didn't bother even asking her out on a date. Rather than letting all that precious crispy goodness go to waste, I would have had to eat it right off her face. Women look askance at that level of intimacy on a first date. At a restaurant.
When she would be just quietly rubbing it all over herself.

And, as a petite person, she was also "so cute". Other women said so.
Personally I tend to avoid the word 'cute'.

Women can be gorgeous, stunning, pretty, charming, bright-eyed and intelligent looking, interesting, totally fascinating, absolutely brilliant, engaging, exciting, witty, or a sheer pleasure to be with. When they're "cute", however, I think of Hello Kitty. A woman who can only be described as "cute" lives in the empire of dingbat; she's merely visiting our world, and she should return from whence she came.
Adults must not be "cute".

And if their shoes, hairdos, or outfits are "cute", that does not suggest anything good.

"That's so cute!"

What this phrase means is it probably cost a bundle, isn't really comfortable, and looks rather silly. Either that, or it has Hello Kitty decals all over, along with butterflies and a pretty pink pony.
Plus either frills or bows.
That's cute.

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