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Thursday, January 03, 2013


What follows will not be an evenhanded discussion of who should own the Falkland Islands. Rather, it will be a short, sneering, and unwholesomely insulting retort to Argentine dingbat-in-chief Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has demanded that Britain hand over the Falkland Islands and all inhabitants to her country.
Which, by the way, is one of those countries that has achieved nothing of note, ever, and has an extraordinarily high rate of syphilis.
As well as many ugly people.

Ola, señora Kirchner,

Tu madre era un hámster, y tu padre olía a bayas del saúco!

Why is it that every rinky-dink mud country from the uncivilized parts of the world seems to have a big mouth? Don't you folks have anything better to do than brutally exploit your own people, run around the pampas in sexual pursuit of cows, turn corruption into a fine art, and inappropriately demand what isn't yours?

Maggie Thatcher handed your posterior portion back to you back in 1982. That should've ended the matter. Yet now, in a cynical play to the peanut gallery, you once again put your foot in your mouth.

Ms. Kirchner, shut up.

All the rest of you silly gauchos too.

By the way, I understand that certain unique strains of disease survive solely within several Argentinian families, serving almost as a genetic marker or biological evidence of ancestry and descent.
Specifically, bovine syphilis.

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