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Monday, January 21, 2013


On several different fora where pipe-smokers hang out a certain pattern becomes apparent after a while.  At first you don't even notice it -- especially if you're cruising in for a good read about smelly burning dead poisonous leaves -- but gradually, almost subtly, it sneaks up on you.

Certain remarks. Snide, perhaps, and sneering too.
But all in all extraordinarily touching.

Remarks such as the following:

"She promised not to throw me out, as long as I never smoke that blend in the bed-room again."

"My wife turned green and left the kitchen."

"She wanted new curtains, this was the perfect excuse."

"Guaranteed spouse repellent."

"A great smoke for late at night. Unless you're married. Which I am."

Good lord, I am flabbergasted. These men have wives! Who'dda thunk it?

It turns out that everywhere EXCEPT the great state of California, pipe smokers get hitched. They aren't considered vile anti-social sadists who want nothing better than to enslave little children and Vegans, and ruin, positively RUIN, their innocent little asthmatic lungs. Instead, they're regarded as all-round decent fellows, with a plenitude of wit, gallantry, gentlemanliness, and intellect.

Heck, judging from much of the writing, there is considerable mutual affection; some comments indicate that the spousal unit reacted quite favourably.

Even the pets liked certain tobacco blends.

And the children.

Pipe smokers may actually be better life-partners than Vegans.
And far more interesting conversationalists, too.
As well as pleasingly fragrant.
Remember that.


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