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Friday, July 27, 2007


Sometimes you run across a perfect exemplification of a stereotype.

Such as, for instance, a Dutchman making a narrowminded comment, or objecting to the expenditure of his money (but not yours).
Or an Englishman who is sodden-drunk, obnoxious, and ready to pound your head in because you said something that was intellectually beyond him.
Or a German who just does not understand a joke.

Or.... Jewish gallows humour.

In Yeshiva World News (, under an article about an attack on a frumme Parisian Yid by a Maghrebi with an iron pipe, reader SammyGol writes:
"Antisemitism in France??? Impossible!! The Jews must have antoganized the driver by looking Jewish. "

And: "France is the most democratic Muslim country in the World. "

[This article:]

He ends his polite and peace-loving commentary with "Please respect the frogs, unless you do not freedom clean that greese from freedom fries off your freedom cuffed shirt. "

[One might think that 'Freedom cleaning' a shirt would qualify as tumah. But that entirely depends on who does the freedom cleaning. If it is a Chinese or Korean person, it is tahor.
If it is a Frenchman, there is a definite chezkas tumah.]


Addendum: Please note that aliyah from France is proceeding apace, with six hundred Olim returning to their ancestral land from golus in 'La Belle France' this past Wednesday.

[See this article:]

It was the largest single arrival of Tzarfatim in a long time. Over four thousand people have left France for Israel since January 1, 2006.
I guess this means that they've more-or-less told the French to go 'French' themselves. A sentiment that for several reasons I can find no fault with.


  • At 8:05 AM, Anonymous graham said…

    As an intellectually challenged obnoxious francophile in Germany......

    might I ask if this lot,7340,L-3431907,00.html

    are just sick of all those Cadillacs, Chevrolets, nasal cajun music and living in the shadow of that ruddy great statue of a French trollop in NY Harbo(u)r?

  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Sick of nasal Cajun music? Impossible! They probably brought their ceedees of the Balfa brothers with them!

    I just cannot imagine American Jews NOT happily dancing to Cajun walzes. That too is a mitzvah, just like "living in the land" is a mitzvah.

    As far as that big French bint in the harbour of New Amsterdam, meh. The place has gone to pot since the English took over.

    Hi Graham, how are things in Germany? Glad to see evidence of you since the mailing list disappeared.

  • At 4:01 AM, Anonymous graham said…

    I'm fine thanks Blogmeester - d.u.wel

    can't really say that I know how "all" things are here (living as I do in a fantasy world of my own creation) however this lot had a demo in the city were I work recently

    but I didn't make it to the counter-demo ;-( and apparently everyone got wet due to the rain)

    Usual attempts to ban them lead nowhere.

    Pres. Bush remains the bogey-man for the 21st century Moffen - though one should not overlook/underestimate Michael Moore's influence in making this Gedanken-voxpop....

    Was in Den Haag a fortnight ago - "je pense à toi" as I walk pass the tobacconists...

    Old Amsterdam went to POT (sic) despite the English - Carry On up the Coffee Shop!

    Living in the land which has a 20% Arab population (and almost surrounded by many more of 'em) is also a pretty brave mitzvah....

    Is California any better for having Austrian leadership?

    ttfn & ah' see you sonny!


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