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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


One of the people I tried to infect with the meme I got from Tzipporah was Treppenwitz.

It did not take. He is immune.

[For explanation of the meme:
For Tzippy's variant of the meme:
For RWC's version:
For a modern orthodox teenage misadventure:]

Trepp said (and I quote):
"OK, for the record, I hate memes. They make me feel obligated to do something that I'm likely to do voluntarily anyway. And the sense of obligation kills the drive. If you want to see 8 things about me, go to my archives and dig up my birthday lists. Every year I share a number of things about myself that roughly correspond to the number of trips I've taken around the sun. And that number is far greater than 8. I'm flattered to have been tagged, but must politely decline."

Well, that's pretty much par for the course. It doesn't look like any of the other infectees bit either.
So, just for the heck of it, I'll do Treppenwitz's list for him.

By listing some of his past posts which you should really read.

[Errrm, actually, this is complete laziness on my part. I didn't bother writing a post of my own today, and I got to reread someone else's stuff. But please, feel free to think of it as me doing his homework for him because he's too lazy to do it himself. Or something. Reinterpret and read between the lines, frevvins sake.]

[That's Dutch for 'acht treppen leist']

Quote: "But I'm not between two and four... I'm six!" [Aval ani lo bein shtayim l'arbah... ani ben sheysh!"]

Small acts of kindness
"... 30 - 45 minutes before they officially close, the owner goes around to each cash register and locks the drawers... and then goes home. The cashiers have instructions to tell anyone coming after the drawers are locked that they have no way to accept money ... "

Verbal shortcuts and random telepathy
" ... and you end up with a bumper crop of words in Hebrew that sound like gibberish to anyone ... "

Caffeinated Kids
"... what people report after drinking a cup of coffee; alertness, better ability to focus... even enhanced ability to reason and make mental connections."

Quote of the day
"... if we've learned nothing else from recent history it is that the leaders of the various Palestinian militias will eventually figure out that the only way for a faction to reassert its supremacy is to demonstrate its superior ability to bloody Israel's nose."

France Capitulates!
"... apparently it's never too soon for the Parisian government to start waving the white flag on their own - or anyone else's - behalf."

The smallest coldest room in the place
"... share your own experiences or theories concerning Israeli public bathrooms."

Boys with Boobs
"That stampede-like sound you hear is millions of um, athletic women running to the store ..."

Color me confused (and frustrated)
"... tell me there will come a point when I will stop inadvertently touching my ... "

Lastly, just in case you forgot, the best conversation between author and readers ever.

Warning: T.M.I.
"... now that I'm lying here next to my desk in the fetal position ..."

Well. That ought to keep you busy.
If you have any personal favourites, let me know.


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