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Monday, July 23, 2007


My co-workers must be mad.

Our Belgian distributor came in today, and brought a generous box of Neuhaus chocolates.

It is irresponsible, insane, and in extreme bad-taste to leave an open box of Neuhaus chocolates un-eaten at the end of the day. I mean, don't these proletes have any taste?!? Divine and exquisite chocolate barely touched?!? Are they ALL worrying about their waist?!?

What are they, nuts?!?

What a waste!!!!!!!!!

Neuhaus is a sacrament. I know there are people who like Godiva, but feh I say. Neuhaus rules. Godiva is a cheap tart compared to Neuhaus, merely an exhibitionist, the immodest slut.
Mmmmm, Neuhaus!

This side of the office is entirely empty, except for myself. The late afternoon sun is shining in, reflected off the windows of other buildings. It is quiet. Peaceful.
There's a box of Neuhaus sitting on a table on the other side of the divider.
I am alone, in the presence of a box of Neuhaus.......
I have just bitten into my twentieth piece......

The box is now empty.
I have saved my idiot co-workers from a horrendous oversight.
I am both plete and plenished.

Neuhaus is coursing through my veins. I am happy.
I am feeling somewhat....... full.

I had better leave before I lose consciousness.



  • At 3:17 AM, Blogger Lipman said…

    I always thought it was between Godiva and Leonidas, with Neuhaus being a clear third. (That's how I learned it.)

    Anyway, that deliberation doesn't make fasting any easier.


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