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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Jameel: "I find it weird that Jews define themselves as "GOP Jews" or "Democrat Jews." No one in Israel defines themself as a Meretz Jew, Likud Jew, or Kadima Jew. Isn't American Jew a good enough label?"

Ah, now that is where you are wrong. And have clearly spent too much time outside the land (ha Eretz ha Yankel).

We thrive on hyphens, more than ever before.

Take this from a "semi-liberal sort-of-half-assedly Talmudish-inclined Democrat-voting foreign-policy-conservative Dutch-American from a former military family cynical Gentile".

Grisn, und solst hobn a zisn und gebentshte ney yor,


PS. Poresh min ha tzibber? Me? Impossible! My tzibber consists of ALL of me.


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