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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This morning, in an unbelievably stupid and opportunistic move, Hezbollah launched an attack on Israel, killing several soldiers and kidnapping two of them.

Hezbollah says that it will only release them if certain prisoners held by Israel are released.

As an indication of the lopsidedness of their demand, please consider the example of one of the gentlemen they want released: Sami Kuntar

That's right, Sami Kuntar.

This is the psychopath who in 1979 entered a house in the middle of the night and slaughtered four people. One of the people he killed was a two-year old child whose head he smashed with a rifle after shooting her father execution style. Typically, this act was much praised in part of the Middle-East.

And Hezbollah's grand poobah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah, wants this man freed.


As was to be expected, Palestinians in Beirut celebrated this morning's grand success with a feu de joie and the handing out of candies.

And as usual, various commentators on Dutch internet pages argued that Hezbollah was right, Israel deserved it, blah blah blah. I do believe that these writers had parents who collaborated with the Germans during the war.

In any case, if it weren't for sterling commentators such as Roma (Amsterdam), Steve Arad (Chicago) and Aliza (Upper Galilee) and many others who also write fiercely in Dutch on those sites, countering those poxy terrorist-lovers, I might give up on the Dutch, the Netherlands, and the language itself.

Several Dutch blisters even brought up Sabra and Shatila, for no particular reason. I fail to see what either of those places have to do with current events. Or with anything at all.

What happened there during Sharon's invasion of Lebanon in 1982 was indeed horrible. But it was Lebanese Maronite Christians exacting revenge on Muslim Palestinians for the PLO persecution of Christians in South Lebanon. It was inevitable that the Maronites would at some point slaughter Palestinians, as the Palestinians had already slaughtered many of the Christians.
It was not the first atrocity committed by Arabs against Arabs, nor was it the last. It was in no way remarkable or even unusual. Arabs seem to dialogue between themselves by the gratuitous spilling of each others blood - they've brutally sent over six million of their own people to paradise since the fifties, and show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

In any case, why blame Sharon? As Menachem Begin angrily snapped, "Goyim hargenen Goyim und Yidden hangen darfur".

There is no reason for Israel to hold back. The state of war between Lebanon and Israel (1948 and subsequent wars) technically still exists. There is no peace treaty between Israel and Lebanon. There is merely a grudging armistice - and the Lebanese have violated it.

Nor do I particularly give a damn what happens to civilian supporters of Hamas and Hizbullah at the present time. These are people who wish all of the western world ill, and hand out candies in celebration whenever we've been hit. I am not particularly inclined to have an abundance of sympathy for them.

Hezbollah's taskmasters in Damascus, Tehran and Qum can call a halt to Israel's incursion by ordering that the two soldiers be freed. Until then, send in the IDF tanks and root out the weeds.

If Israel wants to pave over several miles of South Lebanon as a buffer zone, they should go ahead and do so. The same goes for Gaza.

Since withdrawing from South Lebanon and Gaza, Israel has NO responsibility to the people there - Israel's only responsibility is to Israelis - especially Israelis within rocket distance of Arab gangs.


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