Sunday, May 07, 2017


This blogger is not a nice person. Sometimes I can be amazingly uncaring and selfish. There were two tins of Pelican left, and MT presumed that they would be there for him to add to his growing stockpile when he wished to buy them. One of them was happily spotted by a native of Odessa (at that moment smoking a bowl of Brebbia Balkan No. 10), leaving only one.
MT was puffing away at the opposite end of the room.
Maybe he noticed, but I am not certain.

Speaking of 'noticing', I did not notice him leaving -- things got hectic, and when I looked up he was gone -- so at an opportune moment I bought the last Pelican myself.

Indeed, I like MT. He's one of my favourite fellow pipe smokers. He's got an excellent eye, great skill with wood, and he's a very easy-going tolerant man. He graciously puts up with you-know-who and you-know-who.
But that's now my buggery tin of Pelican.

I plan to sit on it for several years.

It is to be hoped that MT gets over the heartache and despair that the disappearance of those tins causes, because babies, I don't feel bad.
There's a war on.

The variety of worms grows smaller with each month.
Soon the only leaf left will be Cavendish!
Fit for unspeakables only.


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Kostis said...

Great post! But I'd still like to see *something* from your pen (or rather, your keyboard) about that book about Aldus Manutius and the men of Crete who helped him print his early Greek editions. Yes, I know that you haven't read the book. But you are often pretty good at doing internet research and expressing opinions on things. It could be informative and edutainiing, and, at the very least opinionated. Vive le blogpost! Vive la Grèce!

Thank you so, so much. Or, as you would say, "dank u".

Kostis said...

Hey, c'mon. Please? You seem concerned about what your readers want, as you wrote:

"What do my readers want?" (

OK, that was more about what brings your readers here. But still. I ama reader, and I really would like you to make a blogpost about this Manutius thing. You've done scholarly posts in the past, in response to reader requests.

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