Wednesday, May 31, 2017


All I can think he means is that he was on the internet and found a bunch of lovely Japanese cat girl pictures. Not, please understand, the usual slightly obscene ones featuring misguided real live schoolgirls wearing fur bikinis and paste-on tails -- that's so jejune, and only something frustrated juveniles go for -- but artistic and demure illustrations. Without even a shred of the sexuality so often dished up. Inoffensive for government work.
Something tasteful, and dare I say it, 'cute'.
As well as fully dressed.

Such as this:

These are two catgirl shrine maidens, very moe, but undoubtedly something the firewall at the White House can handle. Or the Parental Controls that Pence insisted upon. And that isn't really liquor in that bottle, you cynic.

I wish I could credit the source, but I do not know who drew this. It's very nice. And would make a great White House Seasonal Greeting Card.

And I can understand why he would exclaim "covfefe!". Anyone would. One cannot get anymore covfefe than that, it is the acme of covfefe.

How much more covfefe can it get? The answer is 'none'.
None more covfefe. It is the absolute paradigm.
The gold standard of covfefe.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Trump stood on the burning deck
Fiddling with his Twitter
He sneezed and his covfefe fell off
It floated down the river


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