Sunday, May 11, 2014


A very good friend confesses herself completely baffled by my blog. Yes, this one. She hasn't a clue what I'm on about, and doesn't know what the point is.
Why am I writing this, she wonders, and what if any profound knowledge is imparted here? It all seems like so much random gibbering.

Well, precious goober, that's because it IS random gibbering.

Some blogs are single-subject, and obsessively delve into the author's field and fanaticism.

This blog doesn't do that.

It's a soapbox, mixed with memoir à clef, and self-advertisement.

I get to spout off about pipe-tobacco, Hong Kong style milk tea, politics (occasionally), food (often), crap I've read somewhere, favourite authors, amorous thoughts and a disquieting lack of amorous reality, gout, lizards, Chinese subjects, music, what an utter pestilent subject sports are as well as the loudness of football-watching yutzes in groups of more than a single person, pizza, and cigar smokers.

Primarily, I seek to keep my readers mildly entertained; the writing here is not good enough to keep them entranced. Neither the wit nor the eloquence are extraordinary.
Secondarily, this is a one-sided conversation; regular readers sometimes comment, more likely they go back to work after one paragraph.
I value their rare feedback.

It's also a calling card: this man is middle-aged chronologically, though quite spry in the mind. At least I think so. If you want to discuss this over coffee (or tea) and books, at a place where you can quietly admire my VanDyke beard and deep-set eyes, that's always an option.
And what do you plan to do when you graduate?
Save the planet, or the whales?

Chinatown, Hello Kitty, and the headhunting cannibals of Marin County are frequent subjects, noodles and fatty pork make regular appearances.
Manga sometimes gets mentioned. There are absolutely no pornographic photos anywhere here, that's what the rest of the internet is for.
Sometimes I say snarky things about rabbits.

Cigar smokers get short shrift.

So do blondes.

The various subjects that interest me are speckled throughout. History, languages, cooking, and self-indulgence with hot beverages. As well as herring, sensuality, animals, and strange social practices.
South-East Asia, North America, Europe.
Unidentified fried objects.

But there is no actual point here.
I'm not seeking converts.
Amusement only.


By the way, since I purchased a Hello Kitty backpack to carry my pipes and tobacco in while out of the house, I've actually become somewhat fond of the saccharine feline. Previously I felt she was only an icky-poo creepazoid marketing pussy, now I can actually appreciate her expressionless visage as a bright and simplistic decorative element that appeals to the very young and childish; it makes them feel good.
I fear that some six-year old will try to steal my bag.
That's mine, you little thug, piss off!
I saw it first!


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Anonymous said...

Years ago this was a place to come for astute political commentary.

Now, with slight variations its more about what you had for supper on any given day.

The back of the hill said...

True. I got tired of being called names. As well as being trolled by anti-Semites on the left, hardcore Arab-haters on the right.

Unfortunately I know several of the hardcore Arab-haters in the Bay Area. I do not relish their company.

From the anti-Semitic left, too many of them were trying to find out my name and place of employ.

It doesn't help that Obama has not succeeded in making either Israelis or Arabs love his cute little furry ass. The internet has been taken over by insane people.

Earlier this morning I was thinking of de-friending a very large number of people on FB.

Food, however, remains as a perfectly digestible subject for both sides of the fence.

The back of the hill said...

Besides, no one is interested in my political commentary. Which might not have been all that astute to begin with.

Anonymous said...

So you finally admit to your fatal attraction to Hello Kitty.

Good on you for manning up

After you rubbished the movement for so long.

After I gave you a HK ruler for your birthday.

Welcome to the dark side.


Vinny said...

Yeah man, Hello Kitty is da ultimate paradigm of feminine grace and charm.

She's what every guy needs.

A soft type of gal.

The back of the hill said...

Teeth. Claws. Feline treachery.

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