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One individual with whom I am in sporadic contact, which I somewhat regret, firmly believes that the government is deliberately injecting people with "nanites" and "arm worms", in order to control the population with five G and bring about the era of black helicopters and United Nations Police. Plus make the sheep vote for Biden. As you would expect, I am somewhat skeptical of his assertions.

His almost instinctive gut feelings tell him that if authorities claim something, then it must be wrong there is a plot afoot and the free spirits on youtube claiming something that contradict it in new and unusual ways must be right.

Consequently, he comes across as stark raving nuts.

Which, in effect, he is.

[The arm worm thing is basically soreness in the arm after a vaccine being conflated with labs using certain bug larvae to develop large quantities of different vaccine material and other bio-components (mostly experimentally) along with badly referenced (berserk trailerparker interpretations) maggot and worm skin infection videos. The nanite thing is based on imaginatively interpreting descriptions of modified ("programmed") lipid nanoparticles used in immunization coating as "ohmahgerd they's injection us with microscopic compooter technologies!" Nano in this usage refers strictly to size.]

He also has novel theories about pizza and space aliens (they're connected), and absolutely rejects the idea of global warming. So he's amusing. In very small doses. Nanoparticles.

People like him are a major reason that I'm glad that I do not live in Marin County, and don't need to go there on my days off. There is more sanity and better food in San Francisco.
Those yellowish things in the illustration above are NOT government arm worms but slivers of ginger. For some reason when I was drawing this I did not strew them higgeldy-piggeldy but all more or less in similar direction. Slivered ginger is essential, cilantro is optional, sambal is desirable (as well as highly recommended).

Unfortunately the restaurant where this was one of the regular lunch offerings, made in one person servings, with some veggies, over rice, with a bowl of lo fo tong (老火湯), is no longer in business. The old lady who owned it retired. I could make it myself. But I am far too lazy to do that, and I rely on exposure to normal people speaking Cantonese and a pipe smoked after lunch in Chinatown for my sanity.

Especially after hearing about gluten and apple cider vinegar for several days.
Or Palestinians and Guatamalans. Wise men in the Andes.
Spirituality. And Chiropractic.

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