Sunday, May 05, 2024


Because the teevee is out in the backroom, some of the soon-to-be-decomposed gentlemen there who infest the place had a very mediocre day yesterday (which more will have today as well). And, myself not being interested whatsoever in sports or midgets in coloured jackets on the backs of horses, I am immensely tickled. There was a quietness there. And half-hearted attempts at actual conversation. Even the snot-disturbing Punjabi played along. Normally when Punjabis get bored they start a ruckus, but this time he realized that the shapeless lumps in the other chairs were hurting, and kept reasonably quiet.
Which was very Christian of him.

Because I felt better than on Friday -- the horrible rainy weather was at just the right level for me -- the day was a splendid success as far as I was concerned. Yes, I'm still waiting for a young replacement body because the one I presently occupy is slightly worn out.
But good gracious I was sparkling and vibrant! I had energy!

More so than usual. Ended up eating lunch close to five o'clock because I was having so much fun. Smoked too much. Admired the rain and greyness. Just like Holland. Very moody outside. Perfect for something spicy and rijstafelish at dinner. Which was necessarily late.

Greasy fiery glop with too much curry chili sauce.

Green vegetable sambal goreng.
You can't see it, but there is salt fish in there. Great with thick slices of toast for mopping.

The salt fish adds both umami and a lovely savoury stinky quality.

Reminds me of a flop house in the tropics.

Thick humidity, fermentive vegetal rot smells, insects touching one's face, a sweet cold drink in a glass with a lid on a table nearby, ashtray, cheap cigar, small cup hot coffee no sugar, and bright light from chinks in the blinds. I left the light on in the book room.

It rained till mid afternoon.

Schadenfreude improves the appetite as well as one's outlook.

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