Saturday, December 16, 2023


We've added to the mob of small furry insurrectionist and anarchists which have takeng over the apartment. My apartment mate's birthday resulted in a new infiltrant -- adopted by yours truly -- from one of the local holding pens for illegal immigrants. A most personable chap.
Or chappette. Gender identity as yet unknown.
Personally, I think he's a girl.

At the time of this photo she or he had not yet been introduced to most of the others, except for the turkey vulture who had some traumatizing suggestions, and the crab person (the orange creature with large eyes), plus the little rooster.

The crab and the rooster are comforting her, as she was saddened by a cold reception.
My apartment mate's initial reaction was that we have too many small creatures.

She's not a very social woman (understatement like you wouldn't believe), and probably fears that she will be required to make "small" talk. Which she hates.

The crab is also a newbie. Who is absolutely terrified that one of the others will eat him or her. He or she need not worry, as all creatures here are under the protection of Ms. Bruin, who makes sure that we (!) do not devour our friends.

The words "melted butter" will not be uttered.
Nor "black bean sauce".

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