Saturday, March 18, 2023


Did you do your happy little dances yesterday, after supping too much green beer and eating your fill of heaven's own manna, corned beef and cabbage? It puts hair on your chest. Irrespective of gender. And America is addicted to it all.

I myself had grilled sausages, curried mustard greens, and chili paste eggplant yesterday, with rice stick noodles, and hot sauce. I just can't handle CB and C. Even with Sriracha.

No beer. Green or otherwise.

And Erse clog-dancing ain't my thing either.

I bet the folks in Dublin just love it when their American kin come to visit. Stupid behaviour, fake manifestations of Irishness, and too much drinking by folks who realistically shouldn't.
I am horribly glad that we Dutch Americans don't have anything remotely like that.
The only celebration of Dutch culture in the US is National Donut Day.

Can you imagine darling little Dutch girls in ethnic costume going down Market Street doing hippity hoppity dances? If you can, please stop. Get help.

Have some green beer with your donut.
This Dutch American is all about your stupid cultural celebration.
Warmly supportive of your silly dances.
And the drunkeness.

There are very intoxicated people at the intersection down the hill. They must be Irish, they're dressed in green.

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