Monday, March 27, 2023


Six years ago, after the election of Trump, various individuals took issue with some of the things I wrote, at which point I decided that they could go intercourse themselves and their community, and I stopped participating in their games. Periodically I am reminded of this, which in a way is quite cheering. Not giving a damn is good for mental equalibrium.

Even the saner members of that community have largely avoided contact for several years now, so it's been a win-win all around.

It turns out that I can be perfectly content not actually being an active member of any group, and function perfectly well not being social, involved, or concerned.

In principle I sort of like human society, in practice it leaves a lot to be desired, and I do not have an urge to work on improving it.

However, I do note with considerable schadenfreude that the people who objected to my scribblings years ago are now even more tightly constipated.
Think of me as occasionally taking a look inside, then giggling cheerfully over the scenes of chaos I see, for a brief moment, before resuming my own twirling elsewhere and wiping them and that from my mind.

The flock of nasty birds raided someone else's scrumptious junkfood lunch tray, not mine, and while there is justifiable outrage and angry gesticulation, it ain't my funpark ride and that isn't my inner tube.

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