Friday, March 10, 2023


The key to unhealthy eating is to have something good and tasty. One does not go against doctor's recommendations purely because one can. Sadly, everything near work is garbage. So willy nilly there will be uninspired eating for lunch. With profound distaste.
Americans, as is well known, have the tastebuds of raccoons.

Marin County, one of the wokest and hippest places in the country, wants the unwealthy to eat crap, live in crap, wear crap, and think crap. Because they can, most of them are white, and the unwealthy aren't.

Marinites are liberal versions of Tucker Carlson.

Note: I say this at the beginning of my workweek, when I'm still rather rational and sane. At the end of my workweek I am no longer so calm, and will call down plagues and a nuclear winter on the place, as well as advocating that the Jacquerie burn it down and slaughter everybody in Tiburon and San Rafael with pitchforks and torches.
Club them all like baby harp seals.
Then cook 'em Canadian style.
A Port Wine reduction.

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