Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Sorry, if you came here for a recipe, I lied. There is no recipe for scrambled eggs and tomatoes here, it's too simple. In order, gild some minced garlic, add a chopped chili, add tomato chunks, stir, splash of water, small handful chopped basil, and glop it over eggs scrambled lightly in a wok with a little more oil than is judicious in your estimation.

Simple. Methodology, not fussy measures.


If you are Asian, you'll have it with rice, if not, maybe some buttered toast. If you are British or Irish, you'll probably do chips and baked beans, and we'll feel sorry for you.

A Dutch American would add shallots to the pan at the same time as the garlic or before, as well as a dab of sambal alongside because everything goes with sambal, and a Cantonese American would probably have added chopped scallion, the green part minced for garnish. Plus, very likely, oyster sauce. Eggs with a dab of oyster sauce are heavenly.
All of this came to mind because I watched a woman with an English or Irish accent doing chicken fried rice on Youtube. Good gracious. No wonder those people have health issues.

Is salmonella endemic in the British Isles?

This afternoon on the way to lunch I'll swing by the hospital to remind them to have a refill of Amlodipine Besylate for me sometime this week. Then I'm having an omelette and a cup of milk tea at a chachanteng two blocks away. Followed by a smoke in an alleyway while trying to shield my pipe from the wind and rain we're having. The archtypical Cantonese speaking Dutch American living in San Francisco spends a lot of time outdoors, cursing the weather because his apartment mate does not appreciate the fragrances of tobacco. He also often eats in Chinatown, where he has never gotten food-poisoning, because they know how to cook. And they don't lose their sh*t when someone is smoking on the street.

They differ from most Anglos.

The lovely awning near the hospital is gone, the staff must have gotten wise to me.
That commercial space has been empty for about three years now.
Someone should open a chachanteng there.
With a new awning.

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