Thursday, February 02, 2023


There's that lovely part in Apocalypse Now when they are getting close, real close, where the river ends and the water all flows backwards. By that time all of them are even more mentally unbalanced than they were in the beginning, the stress has taken a toll, their single nerve endings are frazzled. As you've probably realized by now that movie has relevance and quotability to beat the band.

Not sure if it's the coldness or the humans that are getting to me. Whenever I see any other Caucasians in my favourite Chinese restaurants I just know that they rarely wear their masks outside, congregate at large close-packed dance halls in the evening, and go around kissing dubious people and infected drug addicts. Same on Muni, the Number One California bus line that trundles up Sacramento from the Financial District, carrying unmasked white Typhoid Marys homewards late in the day.

Okay, I myself am as white as they come. But I just don't trust 'them' not to spread disease in addition to insane hick ideas and religion. We need headhunters along the banks of the river.
Nation-wide we're averaging around five hundred deaths from Covid a day. Overwhelmingly among ignorant Republicans in Bible Country, bless their hearts, but that's precisely where maskless tourists come from. Also Italy and India, so you'd think they'd be a little more cautious. Considering their own countries' Covid experiences.
It continues to surprise me that human society actually made it this far. All the evidence overwhelmingly indicates that that's a fluke. Same goes for literacy; if it were up to the majority we'd only have thirteen letters in the alphabet, or ten.

Apparently even five is too high a number for many people. At least ten people I know tell me they've only had two shots, and now they're doubting how effective it is, seeing as Covid is still around. How can that be?

This despite their wearing masks at least two or three times a week.
Surely it should have disappeared by now?

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