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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


But actually, that is a lie; Red Odessa is NOT their oldest blend, not by a very large margin. It simply tastes that way. This is a delightful classic that is sure to disturb the even keel of every pipe hater between here and the Atlantic (either direction, your choice), as it evokes memories long repressed of crotchety old men (or old women) who have sandbagged themselves at the club, and will not yield for any number of little children or repressive vegetarians with a tobacco phobia.

It is, in fact, the perfect tobacco for free-thinkers.

Ever since Sherlock's Haven on Battery Street got sold to the idiot brothers, and the wealth of knowledge and keenly honed discernment known as Marty Pulvers retired, I had despaired of access to good tobacco. Grant's on Market Street, while a pleasant enough place to purchase oddments among the dead leaves, leaves much to be desired. Neither partner seems much interested in what they sell, or discovery of new things.
San Francisco businesses tend to rest triumphantly on the back-end of prior greatness. This is the city of great placidity.

By Cornell & Diehl

Somebody talked Craig Tarler into replacing the complement of Burley in his Odessa mixture with red Virginia, hence the name. It showed great flexibility, as Craig is a solid fan of air-cured leaf.
But I'm sure he's glad he listened. This is mighty fine tobacco.

Latakia, Turkish, Virginia, and a touch of Perique.
Preponderance of the first two.

It is both creamy and leathery, and quite delightful with a cup of strong tea. Which, given that I have to smoke outside rather than in the office, is hard to achieve. The guy at the front desk has this nasty habit of wandering off in the evening, nominally to patrol the perimeter and make sure all floors are secure.
He's probably playing video games on the crapper at those times, and I keenly resent him for that.

There are just enough loonies outside in the Financial District to make one keep moving, lest they spot the sedentary blinky object and come closer.
Some of them are beyond any doubt rabid.

Perambulated three blocks, trailing whisps of smoke.
Maybe the best smoke break ever.

I'm having that cup of tea right now.
Going to light up again when I leave.


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  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger Matthew Gabbard said…

    Sorry to comment on a post that is seven years old, but I have just recently discovered this beauty. What a wonderful little Oriental blend, and in bulk no less.


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