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Monday, November 12, 2007


I note that Dovbear has dropped Chaim G. from the list of contributors to his blog.

Probably in response to the squeals of outrage from some of his less tolerant readers.

In a previous posting I said that if Dov's readers convince him to ban Chaim G., I would extend contributor privileges on my blog.
[Did I ever mention that squeals of outrage give me gas? They don't, they actually give me an electric thrill. Anyhoo, the previous post is here:]

Chaim, this is your invitation to guest-post here. If you accept, e-mail me to discuss.

Hmmmm, this might up the Torah quotient of this blog. And that is by no means a bad thing.

----------------------------- -----------------------------

It will be remembered from previous exposure that Chaim G. is the
Chameleonymous Chaim Grossferstant;
A Fellow Menuval, A Mar Gavriel Hasid, A Monsey Chusid, A Monsey Misnaged, Beauty is false & comeliness vain, Chaim G. the fact checker, Chaim G. the Haloscan Klutz, Chaim G. the peacemaker, Denzel Washington, George Orwell, Godwin's Law Task Force, Hannah Arendt, I-Gave@the-office, JewishAlarmist, King Agag, King Saul, Knuckle-Dragging Barbarian, Letz Takeh, Lorena Bobbit, Mae West, Mao Zedong, M'Bais Midrosho shel HaGr"a, Meah Shearim denizen, M, Mozart to Salieri, Mrs. Willy Lohman, National kill-time /injure eternity, Neither G-d nor a Lady, Old Testament Profit Margin, Pesi Ya'arim, Preference by Loreal, Profesor of Schatology, ReCantor Yossele Bray-a-blatt, Reform Heretic, Rubashkin shochet's helper, Ruth-the Queen Mother, Scatolgy Task Force, Sepharadic Mahmir, The Bray of Fundie, The Charedi Exorcist, The original ignoramus Chaim G.



  • At 6:41 AM, Blogger The Bray of Fundie said…

    Thank you kindly. Right hospitable of you. Though I wouldn't go around trumpeting the fact that I've been kicked off his contributors list. He still might guest post me.

    As I mentioned to you in the past this might be the final swift kick in the pants I've been needing to finally take the plunge and create my own blog.

  • At 6:42 AM, Blogger The Bray of Fundie said…

    but don't count on it. I crave the readership and attention that only a mega blog like DovBear's can proffer.


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