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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Dovbear has given me the perfect subject for today's text.

In a posting entitled: 'Should I ban Chaim G.', Dov writes "Has the bray worn out his welcome? Please vote here."

[Dovbear's blog here: relevant post here: and comment-thread here: ]

It was posted only a few hours ago, and already there are over thirty "votes".

Ge, as they say, valt!

Some commenters think Chaim G. (operating usually as 'The Bray of Fundie') to be a troll, others disagree with him and find him not nearly liberal enough or enlightened enough. Others merely find him irritating.

I can't see what they're objecting to. Yes, he has opinions about Talmud-Torah and halacha ve hashkafa that I don't agree with. Yes, he comments a lot. And yes, he sometimes sees a havdalah twixt Jewim and Goyim that might be considered far-fetched (though more often than not solidly founded in Halacha). But heck, he's eloquent, involved in the material, and comments often. These are characteristics that are desirable. Especially in visitors.

And irritating?

Errrrm, no offense to anyone, dudes, but that's hardly a reason to ban him. Y'all also thought Mis-naged and XGH irritating as all heck (and many of you still do), some of you feel that Mar Gavriel and the rest of the diqduqgeeks are irritating (even though most of them no longer have time to post much, being hip-deep in mesechtes this-and-that because of their studies), and a few of you got so steamed by Yeshiva Chipas Emes (Rabbi Pinky in New York, the RABAM in beautiful downtown San Francisco) that you screamed, shouted, foamed at the mouth, and had fits. And, very irritatingly, just wouldn't shut up (which was also extremely gratifying, by the way - Rav Pinky Shlita soll sein gazunt and I are still giggling over some of the mean-spirited things you wrote).

Dovbear himself seems to irritate the spit out of everyone at least once. Some people regularly. And y'all are still reading him, aren't you?

So, if Dov's readers convince him to ban Chaim G., I will extend contributor privileges on my blog.

Even though this blog seems to be an unholy mix of Zionism, pipe smoking, treifish cooking, and only sporadic veerings into yiddishkeit (along with apoplexy at things in Dutch newspapers), he'll fit right in. And if Chaim G. wants to occasionally veer off the derech and into treif-cooking, pipe-tobacco, and the liquor chest, so much the better. I encourage that.


Unwitting fellow contributors to this post were:
Qwerty, YadVShem, Albert Einstien, HirshelTzig, Charlie Hall, The Bray of Fundie, Abe, Anonymous, CousinOliver, Gabagoo, happydadofseven, Lawyer-Wearing-Yarmulke (mazel tov, dude!), Barak, Dovbear, Alice, Mar Gavriel, Nephtuli, Ayin, and Chaim (not G.) R.
Thanks guys. More than enough for a minyan.



  • At 4:44 AM, Anonymous Chaim G. BOF said…

    Mein Tayere Shaigatz.

    Thank you. You are one stand up guy. Did you see where I called you "Khushim ben Dan"? Did you khop the reference?

  • At 7:30 AM, Blogger Lemuel said…

    I am not in the circumstance to vote. Even on your blog I am quite new. Wouldn't vote if I was asked to. But I want to make a remark.

    When you posted Vaad Lmaan Kovod Torah's question:"U sure your jewish" I asked who the hell he was to ask that question. In my opinion it is not Jewish to do so, given the long tradition. In talmudic times f.e. our sages didn't agree on everything. (OK, some names were not mentioned in the Talmud). Even our sidurim reflect this.
    I have learnt that in Judaism there are 3 reasons to ban/to be sensened to death: murder, incest, blasphemy. Wrong? Did Chaim G. commit one of these crimes? Or is he only damned fucking (excuse me), irritating or some of the things we just don't like?

    Who the hell are we to ban? Wish I could ask this question on Dov Bear's blog.

    Cannot write more, have to go on preparing for Shabat.
    Shabat shalom.

  • At 1:55 PM, Anonymous graham said…

    Why the obsession with Dovbear? I do not snuffle behind the hill to ascertain what Dovbear is doing or thinking. Eff all these links to Dovbear!!!
    I do not care what Dovbear says or suggests. Who's he in this Goy's army? F*ck all truly!
    Tho I cannot claim affinity 2much with the baccy ridden gourmet behind the hill - his is what I chose to read. Forget Dovbear. Boo boo the dovy!!
    Are US Jewish blogs only to be measured agin Dovbear?
    Let's Roll Blogmeester! Put yer clogs on & givit welly!


  • At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Bray of Fundie said…


    have you a kind Dutch word for old Chaim G.?

  • At 7:47 AM, Anonymous graham said…



    ...maar moet je darover praten?


  • At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Chaim G. the BOF said…


    Please translate Grahams dutch kind word.

  • At 2:12 PM, Anonymous graham said…

    "Snotty nose" is a Dutch expression for small, cheeky, usually male children

    "but must you speak about this/that?"

    a Dutch way of saying that only crazy people would discuss such subjects in public and thus the questioner may be short of a few marbles


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