Sunday, September 03, 2023


And, quoting the turkey vulture, "It's where you work, old fossil. I know it. Fatty inner thighs are the best. We need to start harvesting some of those bozos." He has long believed that where I work is awash with scrumptious old bags waddling around huffing cigars with body parts all jiggly. A somewhat suprising image, that. And he wants to come along, to feast!
Yeah, no, I'm not having that.

The old boys in the back room are precious to me. They are NOT a resource for a carrion eating avian. He'll just have to wait until they croak of natural causes, THEN we'll toss the corpses out onto the mudflats. He'll have to wait his turn like all the rest of them.
Turkey vultures.
To distract him, I've brought a friend over to discuss matters of great import.
That would be the little fella in the blue tee-shirt.
Also known as 'the control monkey'.

While they're talking I'll just sneak out and head over to work. They should be occupied all day. I'll just enjoy the quiet of elderly dinosaurs snoring during the afternoon while I work, before returning refreshed and filled with vigour.

I do NOT want to imagine how one cooks fatty inner thigh.
It probably requires steeping in red wine.
Like potted rabbit.


Potting liquid:
1 part Pinot Noir, 2 to 3 parts water, pinches of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, white pepper, and ground ginger, plus a bay leaf or two. Three TBS German mustard. Several rashers of thick cut bacon, coarsely chopped.

Brown the bacon.

Cut up the rabbit, put it into a pot with the red wine, water, and spices, to cover, simmer till fall-off-the-bone tender. Take out the rabbit and the bay leaves. Discard the bay leaves. Rip the flesh coarsely, chop a little if necessary. Simmer the cooking liquid down to a cupful.

Mix the rabbit meat, bacon, mustard, the cup of liquid, enough of the reserved bacon grease to make everything nice and smeuig ("smooie"), and dump into a terrine. Add a little more of the grease on top, put into the refrigerator to chill, better overnight.

Serve with toast.

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