Friday, September 29, 2023


Porkchops, milk tea, and the morning news from elsewhere on the telly in a restaurant with no tourists. It would be nice if they had more business at that hour, but it was still relatively early in the evening, and the tourist season may be heading towards an end.

And, truth be told, I prefer to have Hong Kongers and elderly local-borns around me. They're more likely to be happy with the food, and quieter too. The old gentleman at the next table over was relaxing with soup noodles and a newspaper, the two ladies next to him were enjoying a nice meal together. The waitresses seemed happy, not stressed out.

They had a reasonable substitute for Huy Fong Sriracha, so I was happy.
Plus the food is good, and I've known the proprietess for many years.
Slightly over an hour after I arrived, I paid my bill and left.
Early evening streets, rather empty.
At the place where they may be found I purchased two packs of Yellow Crane Pavilion cigarettes, with which I can ponce and posture elegantly when not smoking my pipe.
For that those cigarettes are perfect, as they are slim, with gold tips.
Lovely smokes. La la la look at me I'm so refined!

Note to self: be more tolerant of the moronic space aliens on the bus.
Despite the frequent lack of sentient mental vibrations.
Some of them really can't help it.
Mars needs brains.

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